Rv or tent Rv or tent

RV camping is getting more and more popular than traditional camping that involves a tent. But what is it that makes so many people convert from tent camping to campers and motorhomes? Wether to choose Rv or Tent? That’s a very good question.

So is it Rv or Tent camping?

The first thing is that campers, unlike tents, give you a night of comfortable sleep even during camping. While you are sleeping in a tent, there is always something that might disturb you, like insects, rain, stones that poke you, or falling twigs. It can also get cold during the night, and the ground is intensifying the low temperature. Campers give you protection against rain, just like an ordinary house would. They are also usually equipped with AC system, which provides you with the ability to adjust the temperature to your liking. They also have regular beds, which eliminates the chance of stones poking you during the night.

Another thing is that you can store more food inside the RV since there is a fridge and kitchen cabinets in which you can keep utensils and pans. When it comes to the tent, you can only store what you can fit into your cooler. Also, even if you close your cooler completely, the smell of food can still linger in the air, attracting bears and other wild animals.

With tent camping, you will probably eat more out than you will cook. Why is that? Because in a lot of places there is no chance of washing your dishes properly. RV gives you the comfort of having a somehow normal kitchen and bathroom, that also makes you avoid lines for public restrooms that can be very long.

Now you understand why people opt for an RV instead of tent camping. And to make your camping more enjoyable, check here  to find out about the types of motorhomes and see below the list of things that are essential to take with yourself. Enjoy your trip!

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