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What’s sparkly, irresistible, on every little girl’s wish list, and looks great wrapped up with a beautiful bow?

While I could be describing a live unicorn, it’s hard to get your hands on one of those in this day in age! The next best thing is children’s jewelry! Little girls love nothing more than a game of dress-up, and real jewelry is the best kids gift you can give your favorite fashion-forward beauty queen!

Kid’s jewelry trends are shifting, however. If you’re on the hunt for the funkiest gift for the trendy spitfire in your life, you’ll want to keep up with what the fashion industry has to say about what’s cool! When you head to the store, will you know where to start?

We’ve put together this guide to help you stay hip to the latest kid’s jewelry trends! Keep reading to learn about the coolest kids gifts from the beauty industry!

Trend #1: Mask Chains

Just a few years ago, if you went to the store in search of a “mask chain” the clerk would have looked at you like you were crazy! As the pandemic goes on, however, it seems clear that kids will be wearing masks to school as we prepare to enter 2023.

Naturally, the elementary set has found a way to make safety into the latest trend! The greatest way to compliment a cute, personalized cloth mask is with a colorful mask chain!

If you haven’t seen a mask chain before, picture a sunglasses chain. These simple accessories allow kids to wear their masks around their necks so they don’t lose them in crowded school hallways. They make taking school-sanctioned “mask breaks” easy for kids and teachers alike!

Kids love them because they are another way to show off their preferences and personalities. These chains come in many styles, but young girls seem to love colorful chains made of rainbow or effervescent seed beads.

If you’re shopping for a middle schooler or teen, sleeker metallic mask chains are also available on store shelves. They come in a range of colors, from sterling silver to Instagrammable rose gold. If you’re seeking something specific, many Etsy sellers make customized mask chains.

This is an especially great gift for a child who might be getting mask fatigue and is reluctant to wear masks to school. A new accessory can make safety exciting again!

Trend #2: Personalized Bracelets

If you’re shopping for a young girl, chances are they’re obsessed with all things Tik Tok. They don’t even need to be on the app become obsessed with the world of famous Tik Tokers like Charli D’Amelio! One of the subcultures to spring up from the app is “VSCO girl style,” which is an aesthetic that girls love.

While the overall aesthetic is difficult to describe, it has spawned a couple of trends that are appropriate for elementary-aged girls. One of those is a return to the colorful pony beads of childhood. The average VSCO girl on Tik Tok lines her arms with beaded bracelets.

One of the most appealing versions of this trend is the personalized beaded bracelet. Do you remember the little white alphabet beads that came in nearly every arts and crafts kit in the 90s? Kids are using those beads to spell out nicknames, affirmations, and more.

For elementary-aged girls, this might mean a collection of bracelets spelling out everything from “Princess” to “Future President.” Little ones love the way these accessories allow them to express themselves and their interests! You can buy these bracelets pre-made, or gift them the supplies they need to create a whole collection!

Trend #3: Super Cute Studs

There is no rite of passage cooler than heading to the mall to get your ears pierced for the first time! If you want to become the most awesome person in a kid’s life, offer to accompany them to the local tattoo shop for a new set of studs! If they already have pierced ears, even better!

As we enter 2023, a cool pair of earrings is still one of the simplest ways for a kid to express themselves. A card full of expressive stud earrings is still one of the best gifts for a girl who loves to accessorize from head to toe! Many sets of studs come in hypoallergenic metals so even the most delicate kids can wear them 24-7!

Some of the trendiest themes this year are unicorns, emojis, and adorable animals. If you have a sense of what your giftee likes, chances are there is a card full of studs to suit their tastes! You can buy some awesome studs in a variety of kid-friendly styles from bodypiercejewelry.com.

For kids without pierced ears, clip-on earrings are still an option! Kid-friendly stores like Claire’s and Justice offer an equal amount of funky styles for kids without holes in their earlobes! As 90s styles are coming back, you might even be able to find a set of stick-on gems straight out of 1994!

Know the Latest Kid’s Jewelry Trends and Give the Best Gifts!

If you know a little girl who craves a mature present that she can show off in the hallways at school, jewelry is the way to go! The latest kid’s jewelry trends offer a ton of great gift options for birthdays or special occasions. You will want to ignore proper gifting etiquette and give these cool pieces early!

Are you still shopping? Check out the rest of the blog for more posts about the coolest products on the shelves! With our help, you can be a gift-giving hero!

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