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Did you know that 1 out of 54 children has autism spectrum disorder? If you want to learn more interesting facts about autism, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over unique autism facts. You’ll have a better understanding of autism spectrum disorder by the end of this article.

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1. What’s the Cause of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Scientists have completed twin studies and believe it’s a genetically-based condition. Some genes might be involved in ASD.

ASD’s associated with a genetic disorder like fragile X syndrome or Rett syndrome.

Genetic mutations could also increase the risk of ASD. Some genetic mutations occur at random, while others get inherited. Yet, there isn’t a single cause for ASD. Environmental factors are understood to play a role as well.

Scientists are trying to explore other factors like medications or complications during pregnancy. They want to see what environmental factors could play a role in triggering ASD.

2. Some Children Are Quite Young When Diagnosed

Children who are 18 months old can get diagnosed with ASD.

Children with autism show some communication deficits before they turn two. Yet communication deficits at that age are age-appropriate behavior.

Most diagnoses occur when a child is two years or older. The diagnosis around those years tends to be highly reliable.

There aren’t blood or medical tests for autism. Doctors will test a child’s behavior by starting with developmental screening. After, they will complete a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation.

This evaluation can include things like vision, neurological, or hearing tests. The doctor recommends a follow-up visit to a developmental pediatrician.

3. There Are a Range of Symptoms

Symptoms of ASD will vary from individual to individual. Some people will have mild symptoms, while others have more pronounced symptoms.

Symptoms of ASD involve various social behaviors and communication skills. Some people are quite extroverted, while others are more introverted. Other people don’t maintain eye contact.

Children with ASD repeat movements or become obsessed with a specific toy. Other children have a lack of verbal skills.

4. ASD Is Common

The increase of diagnoses might be because of a better understanding and awareness.

Today, more screenings are occurring. Since people understand ASD better than they did in the past, there’s less of a stigma.

Adults with autism can get employed by different agencies and businesses. Check out JoyDew for employment opportunities.

5. Boys Get Diagnosed More Often

ASD seems to be more a lot more common in boys than girls. Boys get diagnosed more often than girls. There’s growing evidence that girls are under-diagnosed.

People have different expectations. Some people might think that the little girl is shy and prefers to play alone. The stereotype of boys is that they should be playing around or roughhousing others.

Now You Have Some Autism Facts

We hope this guide on autism spectrum disorder was helpful. Remember these autism facts about how common it is, and the role genetics and environmental factors play.

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