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Many people think that winning pageants is all about who looks the best onstage. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Winning a pageant takes a lot of hard work.

Many pageant winners are the “full package”: looks, personality, talent, and intelligence. So if you’re interested in learning how to win a pageant, you’ve come to the right place.

This quick and handy guide to winning a pageant will walk you through the best pageant tips for making your dreams come true. Read on to learn more!

Focus On Your Uniqueness

What makes you “you”? Contrary to popular belief, most pageant judges are not looking for cookie-cutter clones. A pageant competitor who knows who she is and rocks it will stand out from the crowd.

This focus on what makes you unique will permeate every aspect of your pageant decision-making process. From hairstyle to outfits to your talent, don’t just pick things that you think will win.

Make decisions that you are comfortable with. Judges can tell when a contestant is not comfortable or happy with their style, talent, or choice of answers to questions.

Pick Pageants Carefully

While it can be tempting to enter as many pageants as possible, or high-profile ones, sometimes being selective is best. Not every pageant fits every contestant’s strengths.

Some pageants, such as the Regency Pageant, are more focused on glamour and traditional poise. Others are more interested in what competitors have to say about real-world issues and philanthropic work.

When thinking about how to win a pageant, picking one that plays to your personal strengths is a strong strategy. And there are quite a few options out there, so don’t waste time and effort on a bad fit.

Set a Pageant Budget

Many novice pageant competitors dive right into all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding pageants and don’t plan ahead. This can result in a lot of wasted money in the long run.

Make sure that you set a pageant budget. Ideally, setting a budget per year and per pageant can make sure that you are not going too overboard for one single competition.

This means that you can compete in more pageants, and not waste resources hyper-focusing on one in particular. It also means you won’t get carried away with spending and outpace your pageant earnings.


Finally, the most important tip for pageants is to prepare. While that may seem obvious at first, the amount of preparation for a pageant can come as a surprise.

You’ll need to come up with a game plan for each pageant, complete with a checklist of things to do leading up to the pageant. You’ll also want to prepare things like your talent and practice mock interview questions.

The more prepared you are for each pageant, the less nervous you will be on the day of. Confidence is key, and there really is no such thing as over-preparing.

How to Win a Pageant

As you can see, there’s a lot more to pageants than just showing up and looking elegant. It takes practice, hard work, and confidence. But with a little preparation and effort, you can learn how to win a pageant.

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