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Summer is on the horizon, and with each summer being hotter than the last, you need to prepare yourself ahead of time. 

Everyone knows how hard it is to cool down during hot summers. You always feel sticky, tired, and cranky from all of that heat! We’re here to help.

Read on for a few quick tips about how to stay cool in the summer. 

Prepare Your Air Conditioning Beforehand

You already know that hot weather is on the way, so don’t wait for the dead of summer to prepare. You need to make sure that your air conditioning unit is in good condition before the temperature gets unbearable. 

If you don’t have an air conditioner in your home, consider buying a window unit. They’re easy to set up, and they can quickly cool down a room on a hot summer day. They’re also fairly affordable, and you can often buy them secondhand.

If you have central air conditioning, you’re even better off. Make sure that your unit is ready for the balmy summer ahead by hiring someone to check it out or repair it. Professionals at companies like Lex Air will make sure that your air conditioning unit is in tip-top condition by the time that you need it. 

Keep Your Curtains Closed During the Day

You love getting natural light in your home, right? Unfortunately, if the weather is hot, it might be in your best interest to keep the blinds closed during the day.

All of that sunlight will turn your home into a natural oven. Yes, having the sun shining through the windows is nice and cheery, but it comes at a cost!

Keep your blinds closed when you don’t need them open. You can open them again around golden hour when the sun starts to go down. 

If you insist on keeping your curtains open, consider getting reflective window film. It won’t completely fix the problem, but it will let some natural light in, and your home should stay slightly cooler. 

No AC? Open the Window At Night

While you should keep your windows closed during the day, opening them at night is a good option for people who don’t have an air conditioner (or anyone who doesn’t want to run the air conditioner all night long).

Crack your windows at night when the air is cool. Make sure that you close them again by the time it gets outside (so likely in the early morning). 

For an added boost of cool air, put a fan in the room with its back to the window. This should draw cool air in and circulate it through the room, so you stay nice and cool.

Cool Down Your Sheets

So you’re ready for bed, but the idea of getting under your sheets sounds terrible. It’s so hot, why would you want something covering you? Unfortunately, you also know that you won’t be able to sleep “out in the open,” so the sheets are a necessary evil. 

Why not cool them off?

A few hours before bed, fold up your sheets and put them in the freezer (or refrigerator, but the freezer works better). You can spray them lightly with water, but this isn’t a necessary step.

By the time you’re ready for bed, your sheets will be cool enough to tolerate. Bonus tip: do this will your pillowcase too. 

Avoid the Oven

Cooking during the hot and sticky summer is a pain. Your kitchen gets so hot! On super hot days, skip the oven.

Using the stove won’t heat up your home as quickly as using the oven will. Focus on light and quick stove top meals and leave the casseroles for another season or a rainy day.

Better yet, cook outside. Fire up the grill and invite some neighbors over for a summer barbecue. 

Take this opportunity to make some cool summer salads and popsicles. Nothing is better on a hot day than cold food. 

Drink Plenty of Water

If the weather is hot, you need to be drinking plenty of water. You’ll lose water throughout the day while you sweat, and you need to replenish it. 

Keep a reusable water bottle on hand at all times. Set goals for how much you want to drink by different points of the day. Turn it into a challenge!

If you struggle to drink enough water, you can add flavoring packets, flavor drops, or frozen fruit to your water bottle. Frozen fruit will also keep the water cold (and give you a tasty snack to enjoy when the water is gone). 

The last thing you want is to overheat during the day. Drink water! 

Take a Cool Shower

So you’ve just gotten home from work on a long summer day, and you feel gross. It’s so hot outside that it feels like entering an oven as soon as you open your front door. You can’t focus on anything in this heat.

No problem. When you get home, take a quick 5-minute cool shower. It doesn’t have to be cold. Even lukewarm water will feel cool on your hot skin. 

This is going to be just refreshing enough to keep you alert, and you’ll feel nice and cool, so you can move on to your next task. 

That’s How to Stay Cool in the Summer

Try these tips when you’re trying to figure out how to stay cool in the summer. Don’t let your house become an oven. Keep it comfortable all summer long. 

Are you ready for the heatwave?

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