Apple MacBook is a device designed for particular tasks. With the newest Macbook PRO series, you can do almost everything. Their purchase cost is relatively high compared to laptops of other manufacturers, but instead, Apple users get something more – an intuitive system, integrated with the iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. You have to take care of such equipment! How? The best options are handcrafted MacBook cases.

How to Protect your MacBook

We do not know anyone who would not care about his MacBook. Users try to protect their devices with various foils and bags. However, what works the best is Handcrafted Leather iPad Sleeves. It is obvious that we have to protect so expensive and essential for our life devices, but why do not combine it with fabulous fashion accessories?

To make it easy for you, we have created stylish and durable MacBook cases and Handcrafted Leather IPad Sleeves. Our lather models will not only protect your computer but also make you look professional and attractive.


The colors of a leather MacBook cases

Lather cases are Handcrafted in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. The MacBook cases are available in four different versions. You can choose from ‘Portfolio”, “Vertical”, “Vertical with Strap,” and “Horizontal.” All of them are highly comfortable and convenient in use. Cases have a large capacity and are fitted to all MacBooks.

All models of cases have a unique lining designed. Thanks to the wide selection of colors, you can make it match perfectly to your style. MacBooks cases will work great for you in the workplace, at the university, during the trip on holiday and at home.


MacBook cases for everyone

Our MacBook cases are unisex, that is, they will serve both male and female group of our clients. Especially for you, we sew them in four beautiful colors:

  • Black – a timeless, elegant color that will suit any occasion. It is the most essential choice, but still one of the most popular. We do not know which one you pick, but we know that black will always be well-timed.
  • Brown – the color is a bit less obvious. The brown MacBook case looks very nice with a casual outfit.
  • Tan – beautiful color for people who want to stand out, a color that everyone will pay attention to and add compliments.
  • Dark-Brown – its a combination of two fashionable colors. Dark symbolizes the mystery and makes you look serious. On the other hand, brown gives you a pinch of uniqueness.

It does not matter what color of Handcrafted Leather IPad Sleeves and  MacBook case you will choose. In each one, your device will be safe, and you look nice.


The comfort of using the Handcrafted Leather iPad

Besides appearance, another factor that you should consider when buying the MacBook case is a comfort.

The Handcrafted Leather IPad will serve you for at least 3-5 years, so you can not feel uncomfortable with it for such a long time. The perfectly fitted case will match to your backpack and briefcase. It will also be easy to carry in hand.

Do not wait any longer and check the offer on our website. The protection of your MacBook lies in your hand.

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