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Have you ever worn a pair of earrings and then noticed a funny-looking red sore?

Perhaps you’ve found your earrings hard to wear because of discomfort, itchiness, or a burning sensation?

If you’ve found yourself in any of these situations, it’s likely that you have an infection in your earring holes. And you need to know how to clean infected earring holes as soon as possible.

Read on and find out more to find a solution that works!

Preparing the Necessary Cleaning Supplies

Before trying to clean infected earring holes, you should make sure you have all the supplies you need. Before starting, you will need rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs.

First, put some rubbing alcohol into the bowl. Dip one of the cotton swabs into the alcohol. Clean the infected earring holes with the swab, taking special care to get into all the nooks and crannies. Repeat this process until the earring holes seem to be clean.

After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the ear with lukewarm water. Finally, pat the earring holes dry with a soft towel. Stay well away from the infection, and don’t wear your earrings again until the signs have gone away.

An Overview of Earring Hole Infection

Earring holes can become infected when pierced ears are not cared for properly or when you have ears sensitive to earrings. To prevent infection, always make sure to clean your earring holes with warm, salt water before and after wearing any earring, or at least twice a day.

Before wearing any earrings, it is important to sterilize them with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Use a mild product like a saline solution and a cotton swab or pad that has been dipped in the solution to clean infected earring holes.

In addition, never use anything sharp to clean the ear. An infected earring hole can get better if you take the earrings out for a few days, put a warm compress on it, take antibiotics, or use an antiseptic cream.

When to Seek Medical Care For Infected Earring Holes

When to seek medical care for an infected earring hole depends upon the severity of the infection. When the hole appears red, swollen, or has a discharge, medical attention should be sought.

If you experience any fever or extreme pain, you should also seek medical attention. Cleaning the area regularly and gently will help to prevent infection and further irritation. If symptoms persist or grow worse, medical help should be sought immediately.

Learn How to Clean Infected Earring Holes

Having the right resources helps make the healing process easier and faster. Remember to contact your doctor if the infection persists or worsens. Now that you know how to clean infected earring holes, why not get started today and give your ears a much-needed break from infection?

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