Haunted furniture items Haunted furniture items

You’ve heard of haunted towns, haunted mansions, and haunted places. Some have even heard of haunted cars. Believe it or not, there are also haunted pieces of furniture. “Haunted” means being visited by an entity, or something that has signs of torment or anguish. A lot of things can become haunted, and furniture isn’t any different. Most of the time, these haunted furniture items may look simple to the ordinary eye.

However, most of these items have a history that would often explain their state. Some of these pieces of furniture may not exude a creepy aura, but some reportedly harm whoever uses them. These haunted furniture items are cursed and may bring misfortune to those who use, touch, or even see them.

Some misfortunes may be light, such as tripping on something or losing some change. However, cursed items can also be the subject of deaths, mysterious disappearances, and business failures. Most of the time, these furniture items are either locked up somewhere safe or are donated to museums.

Due to the curses and the notoriety they bring, these pieces of furniture are highly collectible for those who like dealing with the occult. Here are some haunted pieces of furniture that you might want to know about:

Busby’s Stoop Chair

This infamous piece of furniture is also known as the “Deadman’s Chair.” It’s made out of oak and was reportedly cursed by its owner, Thomas Busby. Thomas Busby was hanged for the murder of his father-in-law, Daniel Auty, in 1702 in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The murder happened when Busby and Auty were arguing about their criminal activities.

Legends say that Busby cursed the chair when he was caught for the murder. Other tales also say that Busby was drunk on that chair, only to be caught and later cursing the chair. The chair made its way to a pub during the second world war. Locals say that soldiers and airmen who sat on the chair never returned, and became casualties of the war.

Other people also linked the chair to fatal accidents in the early 1970s. To prevent further deaths, the chair was hanged on the ceiling to prevent people from sitting on the chair accidentally.

“The Hands Resist Him” Painting

Also known as the “The Haunted eBay Painting,” this painting is popular with people who love the occult. Scary stories are plentiful from the people who have owned this painting. The picture sold for $1025 on eBay.

The painting depicts a small boy with a doll-like girl standing behind a glassdoor. As you look closely, you can see the ghastly images of hands on the panels of the said door. The original owner of the painting has gone on to said that the figures on the picture would move and would go outside the boundaries of the picture frame.

The Tallman Family’s Bunk Beds

When Deborah and Allen Tallman moved into their new house, hauntings never happened, and they lived happily. It was that one fateful day in 1987 that the couple decided to buy bunk beds from a second-hand store. They thought that they had a steal on these bunk beds as it only cost them $100.

A year later, they moved out of their house because of the hauntings that began when the bed was in their possession. The family endured nine months of pure terror from the hauntings. The Tallmans experienced radios and clocks turning themselves on. They began seeing apparitions inside their home. They even heard voices and a ghostly woman who appeared out of nowhere.

As mentioned earlier, they moved away from their house and buried the bunks that were responsible for the hauntings in a landfill so that no one could use them again. To this day, the bunk beds are still buried. There are lots of haunted stories similar to those of the Tallman’s experiences on websites such as mysteriousheartland.com. You can visit the site if you want to know more.

The Dybbuk Box

The Dybbuk Box belonged to an old Jewish woman who repeatedly said that the box was used to imprison a Dybbuk or an evil spirit. The owner of the box, seemingly oblivious of the warnings, opened the box and released the evil spirit living inside it. Since then, misfortune followed the new owner.

When the owner gave it to his mother, she died of a stroke. His sister tried to get it from him, only to return it, claiming that the box would never stay shut. As a last resort, the owner decided to sell the box, only to find it back on his doorstep the next day, complete with a note saying that the box itself was evil. Currently, the box is on display in a Las Vegas museum that deals with witchcraft and the occult.


Although haunted items have notoriety in them, it’s safe to say that some of these items are cursed and can harm the owner and everyone close to them. Some of these haunted and cursed furniture items are the “The Hands Resist Him” Painting, The Dybbuk Box, Busby’s Stoop Chair, and the Tallman Family’s Bunk Beds.

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