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Four Things That Contribute to a Sexless Marriage

Data shows that the average couple has sex 54 times a year. This is how many times a happy couple engages in sexual intercourse. 

For many couples, a sexless marriage is an issue. These couples might not have a healthy marriage. If you’re in this type of relationship, you should know what the cause behind it is. 

Read on to learn four things that contribute to a sexless marriage. 

1. Stress 

One of the major reasons why sexless marriage exists is because of stress. It’s no secret that stress is bad for one’s health, but most couples don’t know that it can cause problems in the bedroom. Stress can lead to anxiety. 

Anxiety can lower one’s sex drive. A spouse with a lot of anxiety may not place much value on sex. 

The ideal thing to do is to have sex if stress is an issue. Sex can relieve stress. The “feel good” hormones released during sex help. 

2. Mismatched Libidos

Mismatched libidos can also contribute to a low-sex marriage. A partner might not be in the mood for sex, while the other partner might be yearning for it. This can wreak havoc on a marriage. 

3. Mental Health Issues

Depression is a mental health issue that’s known to affect marriages. It can also cause a person to not want to have sex. This is often the case for depressed people who may not have the energy or motivation to have sex. 

Depression can lead to isolation. It can be hard for a depressed person to even want to interact with their spouse, let alone have sex. The desire for intimacy can go away. 

Anxiety can also contribute to no intimacy in marriage. It can lead to performance anxiety. This can be the case for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and find it embarrassing to have sex. 

People with a history of sexual abuse can also have no sex drive at all. This can cause long-lasting trauma which may cause the person to abstain from having sex. 

4. Communication Issues in Marriage 

An open line of communication is important for any marriage. A lack of communication can lead to different issues. These can include arguments, conflicts, and even a lack of sex. 

This problem can make a couple drift apart to the point that they do not want to even sleep with each other in the same bed. This can lead to loneliness. The good thing is that marriage counseling can help in overcoming loneliness

Marriage counseling helps to promote open communication. This allows each person to voice their concerns. The goal is to reach a compromise. 

These Four Factors Can Contribute to a Sexless Marriage

A sexless marriage can be a deal breaker for many couples. Marriage without intimacy can be resolved by addressing the cause behind it. These are four factors that couples should seek to address if they’re experiencing them. 

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