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Teeth are an important part of the body. And so is the act of brushing, obviously. If you are not well aware of how to work through your brush to clean all parts in the mouth. It can get quite risky in the long run.

Dentists of the top-notch firms refers to  some brushes that are highly efficient to use among the others.

These four most efficient brushes are:


Oral-B’s electric brushes are considered to be more advanced for it has more operations than that of the others. This particular model of the brush not only comprises basic features but also has six different cleaning options and a light-up pressure sensor.


Among these six, the mode is only for cleaning of the tongue. The best part of the item is the ability to connect through Bluetooth, with this characteristic the user can very comfortably keep track of his or her brushing routines.


This brush is basically designed, keeping in mind every type of teeth and according to issues. They are prescribed by dentists to people wearing braces, having gagging issues, having a smaller construct of the mouth, other orthodontics, etc. Since the brush heads are small; this feature also lets many people reach out to their molars quite easily as well as quickly.


  • Burst Sonic Electric Toothbrush:


The name of the toothbrush is similar to what it suggests. The bristles of the brush have a vibrating movement to and fro. But this will not cause any inconvenience for the comfortable size of the body along with its tapered gripping handle the brush will give you a lovely time brushing.


Though the brush vibrates at an average rate of tens of thousands times for a minute, it won’t give out any discomfort to your teeth; rather it will offer you a wonderful therapy to the teeth.


The brush stops automatically after its 2 minute’s timer, which helps you in regularity. Charging the device is similar to charging any other electronics via a USB cable. Also, the battery life lasts for a couple of weeks; thus, you don’t need to charge it frequently.


  • Philips Sonicare Smart 9500 Electric Toothbrush:


The various models of Philips Sonicare have always made it to the top with its user-friendly features. As per the Sonicare comparison at Nicer Smile, we see that the 9500 is considered as one among the best. The brush can be utilized for all types of teeth for it offers four different brush heads, five types of modes which also include ‘sensitive’ and ‘gum care’. This is a proven favorite for almost all dentists.


When reviewing the product, various renowned dentists have come forward to say that the brush not only accurately cleans every nook and corner of the mouth but also has a pressure sensor which acts as a perfect mouth massager.


It goes around gently at places and at times of need creating slight pressure, this has been proven quite beneficial. The charging of the device is quite exciting – there is a given glass cup where you have to place the brush for it to start charging itself.


  • Pro-Sys VarioSonic Electric Toothbrush:


This brush has a basic vibrating movement which operates in an up and down manner. The reason for its instant fame is because it is the design of five different brush heads.


Now, the bristles are arranged in increasing order of softness, and even if you choose the softest of the bunch, the operation in there will still be powerful enough to rake up the dirt layered on certain surfaces as well as the teeth yet at the very same time it won’t be hard for you to have a headache. The vibration is programmed to provide a relaxing experience to the user.


There are definitely many others like the GLEEM electric brush or the Rotadent Contour, or Foreo ISSA 2 Toothbrush, etc. For a wonderful experience while brushing these products are the best.


Though some of them are a bit higher in expense than the others, don’t forget that they provide a more heavenly experience. And in the near future, you will definitely agree with the fact that the prior investment was worth making.

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