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6 Sneaky Ways To Figure Out Her Ring Size

So, you’ve decided to put a ring on it. You may have already picked out the ring, or she could well have told you what she wants, you’ve planned out how to pop the question, but there’s just one hurdle to cross – her ring size. Don’t stress, here are a few tips to help you find out her size without her even knowing it.

1. While She Sleeps

While your lady is fast asleep, try to carefully wrap some string or thread or even paper around her ring finger and mark the size on it. Bring the string to the jeweler who will help you discover her measurement. Be careful if she’s a light sleeper, though, she may just catch on!


2. Help Yourself

If you’re able to borrow a ring she wears often, do so, and take it with you to the jeweler to have it measured. Just make sure it is a ring that fits her left ring finger since all fingers tend to be different sizes.


3. Call Someone

Call a friend or member of her family who may have bought her a ring as a gift in the past, or perhaps she would have discussed ring size with them. If they’re unsure, recruit them to help you out by taking her window shopping for a ring and then get them to get her to try one on “for fun!”


4. Estimate the Size

If you can’t borrow a ring without her noticing, you can still estimate the size. Try a ring of hers on your own finger and mark on your finger where it falls before heading to a jeweller to size it. Or, get really sneaky and make an impression of her ring in a soap bar and take it to be measured. Then you can look through a collection of diamond engagement rings in Toronto’s Diamonds for Less confident that you’ll pick the perfect size.


5. Tell Her You’re Getting It for a Friend

If you have a mother or sister’s birthday coming up, for example, get her to try on rings and say it’s for them. Tell her it will help you estimate the other person’s size.


6. Size Up

If you’re in doubt, get a size bigger since a ring can always be made smaller and most jewellers will offer a free resizing. Be aware though that bands that are thin or intricately covered in diamonds may not be resized as easily. Check with the jeweller before you make a decision.


These 6 tips should help you, one way or another, to get a relatively accurate measurement of her ring size so that you can be well on your way to popping that important question. Just remember to make sure it is her left ring finger you get a measurement for since rings worn on any of her other fingers are not likely to offer as accurate a measurement.

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