Manual Versus Unibind Machine Binding

Whether for school, work, or merely your hobby, knowing how to bind DIY is a big advantage. It’s not the most necessary skill in the world. But if you love scrapbooking or you have reports that need binding, this will come in handy. After all, binding services can be quite expensive and time-consuming.

But how can you start binding at home?

DIY Binding

There are several ways you can do binding at home. You can do it manually in different ways. Or you can also get a binding machine for an easy and fast job.

Unibind is a brand of binding machine that you can buy for your home. It is user-friendly and easy to use. It is a perfect choice for working men and women as well as students.

Meanwhile, manual binding includes several materials and steps. You will need a ruler, puncher, string, and glue. While it can be an enjoyable process for scrapbooking and leisure, it’s not a fast process.

Therefore, it is not the best choice when you have sudden needs for binding.

The good thing about DIY binding is that you can do it anytime. For example, you’ve just finished your research paper late at night. The deadline for submission is tomorrow, but the bookbinding stores are already closed.

When you have a Unibind machine at home, you can bind documents in an instant. There is no need to wait for the next day and probably a few more hours or days.

Manual or Machine Binding?

The choice depends on the primary reason why you need binding. Is it for school or work, or is it for leisure and recreational activities like scrapbooking?

For the former, machine binding is the best choice. It offers a more professional and tidier look for your reports and papers, and as mentioned earlier, it’s a far faster process than manual binding.

However, it does have a downside. You’ll need specific products for a specific machine. It can be costly. But you can also use this to start a small business if you wish.

For the latter, both manual and machine binding are great choices. It depends on how you like it done.

But manual binding requires a lot of work. You have to ensure every page is the same size. Putting a hole on each page can be challenging. One wrong calculation and the alignment will be ruined.

If there’s one great advantage, it’s cheaper.

Before buying a binding machine, consider different factors. Compare prices and features. There are different types of machines, and it is essential to know the type and quality of binding they produce.

If you only need it once, you might as well learn how to bind your book manually. This is going to be a great activity and a learning experience, or, you can find a binding shop to help you.

But if it is a constant need or you are thinking of starting a business, it can be a good investment to buy your own machine.

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