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In 1989, a man paid less than $100 to buy the contents of a storage unit in Long Island. Inside was a white sports car without wheels and a dented roof.

Little did he know it was one of the submarine cars operated by James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me and soon he was $1 million richer, thanks to the buyer – Elon Musk.

Whether it’s storing movie memorabilia to landscaping tools, we all need somewhere to house our stuff.

Still not convinced you’d benefit from a commercial storage unit? Here are seven reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon.

Industries That Should Consider Commercial Storage Units Are……

Many businesses use storage units but the ones that really benefit are:


Many subtractors don’t have an office but they need space to store their equipment. A commercial storage unit means you can easily access any materials and keep them locked up during a project. 

Restaurants and Catering

As a restauranteur, it’s essential that you maximize your dining space to make a larger profit. Large appliances, tables, and chairs for special occasions must be stored until needed.

Many catering businesses also have a commercial kitchen space where they work to keep costs down. But they need extra space to store supplies like table decor, linens, china, and glassware. And a great way to ensure everything is safe is by hiring a commercial storage unit. 


Landscapers often juggle multiple projects and will need a place to secure their equipment and tools. They need an accessible space that makes for quick loading and unloading between jobs. 

A commercial storage unit means you only need to bring the equipment for the specific job instead of cluttering up your vehicle.

The Benefits 

Some advantages of commercial storage units are:

1. Economical 

If you have a startup company that is still finding the perfect storefront then commercial storage makes sense.

And as your company grows, you’ll need more space. Instead of relocating to another building in a prime real estate area, keep your office and rent storage space to keep costs down. A great way to maximize space is by using shelves to increase the number of items you can store in a unit. 

2. Easy Access 

When you’re storing supplies and products, you’ll need small business storage that you can access easily. Many commercial storage units are located in the business district so it’s easy to get to.

It’s even possible to use smart features for your storage space. For example, if you keep your inventory in the storage facility then you can track it through the system. Also, storage companies know how to maximize storage space so you can improve your business’s efficiency.   

Further, commercial storage units are convenient as you can use trolleys and pallet jacks to help you move items and use package services. Also, many commercial units are accessible 24 hours a day which is handy if you need items last-minute.

Commercial storage units are also useful for:

  • Temporary storage during a company relocation or remodel
  • A convenient way to manage inventory or retail overflow
  • A place to free up space when moving or expanding are not an option 

3. Keeps Your Belongings Safe 

Safety is paramount to every business and is one of the best commercial storage solutions. Not only for security reasons but to prevent mold damage, breakages, or wear and tear. 

If you own renovation equipment and drills, saws, ladders, and other tools, it’s safer to store them away from children to avoid possible injuries. These units also have enough space for larger items so if you collect vintage cars or own ski boats, there’s no risk of your garage over-cluttering.

Also, for an added peace of mind, many small warehouses for rent offer state of the art surveillance systems to keep your belongings safe. It also means you can access your items just by handing over your unique code. 
Further, most storage facilities are made with fire safety in mind so there is added insurance cover in case of any damage. 

4. Stay Organized 

Stacks of files can make your workspace cluttered. It makes sense to store less-used file cabinets in small business storage units to keep these documents safe. You can even have a system such as alphabetizing your storage so the documents are easy to find. 

5. Seasonal Storage 

Many businesses like retail stores must make adjustments with the seasons. Self-storage for businesses is the answer from storing Halloween costumes to holiday greeting cards, a storage unit is a perfect space to keep your products in good condition.

You can rent a unit by the month or swap out items to accommodate seasonal changes.

6. Climate Control for Electronics and Products 

Many small businesses have a large amount of equipment, products, and electronics that cannot fit in the workplace. Yet they must stay in a climate-controlled environment when they’re not used to prevent any damage. Many commercial storages offer climate-controlled settings to protect items during the winter or in the more humid months.

7. Flexible 

An added benefit of using commercial storage units is their flexibility. Once you talk to the manager or supervisor, they’ll let you know the best method of storing your items. Also, the rental cost is flexible and you could cut a deal depending on how long you will need to lease the space.

Now You Know Why You Should Rent Commercial Storage Space 

Renting a commercial storage unit has many advantages in keeping valuable documents safe for storing seasonal products. When selecting a company, find customer reviews to ensure they are a reputable company as it’s essential they can guarantee the safety of your valuables or supplies. 

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