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Are you interested in getting into yoga, but you’re not sure what types of yoga would most benefit you? While all yoga types and practices focus on mindful movements, there are multiple methods that serve different purposes. 

If you want to find the best yoga types for you, keep reading. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the most popular different types of yoga and their benefits. Here suggesting some of the best yoga types, that you can apply in your fitness route right way. And that’s even without spending more time attempting multiple yoga poses. 

Most Common 5 Types of Yoga and Their Benefits

1. Acro Yoga 

This form of yoga incorporates acrobatics and often involves partnering with others. There are two types of acro yoga: lunar and solar. Lunar practices are full of gentle twists and supportive poses, while solar is a bit more playful and dynamic.

If you’re looking for an activity to do with your romantic partner or friend, this is a great option. This practice involves trust-building and communication strengthening while also building muscle strength. Those hoping to do acro yoga alone may consider investing in supportive tools, such as a yoga trapeze.

Different types of yoga: benefits of acro yoga

Benefits of Acro Yoga: 

  • Yoga types similar to acro yoga, are better to improve body and mind connections. Moreover, if done with a partner then it also increases the connectivity between them. 
  • Especially for partners who practice together, acro yoga type is best, to build solid intimacy and require trust to flow between them. 
  • Acro yoga helps in building muscle strength of legs and arms.
  • Along with body stretching, acro yoga also helps in providing muscle relaxation
  • That also supports in defeating the fear of heights. 

2. Yin Yoga 

If you’re a beginner to yoga and are looking for a slow-paced class to get started, Yin Yoga may be the ideal practice for you. This yoga type involves holding seated postures for a longer period of time to get deeper stretches.

Yin yoga is best at maintaining the balance of the internal body and organ systems. This is a great meditative practice that can help you gain patience and inner peace. These classes are likely to be relaxing, allowing you to let gravity do the work for you.


Benefits of Yin Yoga: 

  • Similarly to massage, this yoga type helps body tissues to stretch, lengthen, and become more flexible. 
  • Yin yoga is better to feel your inner self and provides gratitude for your body, as a gift. 
  • Notably, it found that yin yoga educates about self-care and spiritual awakening. 
  • It helps in curing mental stress and releases people from anxiety and pressures. 
  • Physical, mental, and emotions, this yoga type is better at balancing for entire body wellness.

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3. Restorative Yoga 

Are you looking for a way to wind down after a long or stressful day? Restorative yoga acts as a great way to relax your mind and body so that you can let the day go and clear your mind. In this practice, postures will often be modified to allow for ease and relaxation.

Props are often used in this practice to promote relaxation. Blankets and bolsters may be used to allow for deeper relaxation and comfort.

Different yoga poses, benefits of restorative yoga

Benefits of Restorative Yoga: 

  • Best yoga type for the ones who have a very busy life, and aspire to take a moment of relief, mental calmness. 
  • It improves body flexibility via the required stretching of various poses. 
  • Restorative yoga benefits with the balancing nervous system and supporting the immune system. 
  • Feeling tired and overwhelmed, try this yoga to improve your moods and state of mind. 
  • Perfect for the internal system, because it relaxes the body from the core and improves healings. 
  • It boosts the immune system and supports patients in preventing Type 2 diabetes.

4. Vinyasa Yoga 

This yoga style is considered to be one of the most athletic forms.

Movement is coordinated with the breath in this practice, as you will work to flow in and out of different positions. The flow of poses will often depend on your instructor, as there are many yoga poses and variations that can be incorporated.

Benefits of vinyasa yoga

Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga: 

  • It strengthens the body’s immune system and improves the recovery from illness. 
  • While practicing this yoga, the most muscle gets the required attention and balances the body.
  • This yoga style involves stretching and strengthening every muscle and keeping it functioning properly. 
  • Facing a sleeping problem? Then, Vinyasa yoga is for you. Practice this type of yoga to calm down your mind, and welcome the better sleep.
  • It reduces the chances of cardiac arrest by controlling high blood pressure.  
  • Best for asthma patients, it increases the lung capacity and cures breathing problems. 
  • It focuses on mental and body wellness and gives a person a “Feel good” experience after practicing. 

5. Ashtanga Yoga 

Ashtanga yoga is best to do after you already have some yoga experience under your belt. This yoga is better for improving mental wellness, maintaining body flexibility, and to achieve a positive state of mind, by relaxing the mental stress. Which makes Ashtanga yoga, the right choice for the one who is looking for all-in-one yoga to practice. 

This class will often include physically demanding posture sequences, both seated, and standing. This class will often include sun salutations to warm up the body.

Yoga types, benefits of ashtanga yoga

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga:

  • Ashtanga, Best yoga type for body, mind, and soul.
  • When practicing regularly, it improves flexibility and maintains the hamstring. 
  • Mostly used for losing body weight and to attain a lean toned body. 
  • Also preferred for people with hypertension, as it controls high blood pressure
  • Want to have Abs? Then, start following Ashtanga in your exercise route. 
  • It improves your cardiovascular system, along with body flexibility and stretching.

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Different Types of Yoga and Their Benefits

If you’re interested in finding the best class for you, learning more about the different types of yoga and their benefits can help. Make sure that you are getting the yoga benefits you want without putting yourself in a class that may be too demanding. Find the best fit for you so that you can start getting the physical and mental benefits of this practice starting today. 

There are multiple types of yoga out there. Depending on your fitness goals and body type you can choose from a suitable yoga pose. Not all yoga types benefit you with the same mental and physical exercises, some are better for relaxation while others are for stretching your body.

If you consult your yoga trainer, then they’ll certainly help you in choosing the right yoga types for you, to start with. There are multiple types of yoga poses, are there to follow. And if you don’t know where to start then, here given are some of the best types of yoga to start with. Also, you can refer to the benefits of them, to balance that with your fitness goals.   

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