8 Types of Italian Pasta That You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Are you crazy about Italian pasta? Well, you’re not alone,ninety percent of Americans eat pasta too! 

Pasta is enjoyed by countless people like you every day, yet there’s still so much about this dish that the layperson doesn’t know about. 

If you thought you knew everything there was to know about Italian cuisine, think again! Here are 8 kinds of Italian pasta that you’re probably unfamiliar with.  

1. Cannelloni 

One of the more unusual pasta shapes, cannelloni shares a similar namesake and shape with cannolis, another kind of Italian food.

These noodles are excellent when stuffed with meat or fish, and are typically eaten before other foods in a meal. 

2. Corzetti

Another interestingly shaped pasta, corzetti is originally from Liguria in northwest Italy. There are a few different variations of corzetti, but the most notable are stamped and resemble a coin.

Another interesting tidbit about this pasta is that custom designs can be molded onto the noodles to add some flair. 

3. Cencioni

These flower-shaped pasta noodles have a name that translates to “little rag”. Truly a fitting title considering their appearance. 

The uneven texture of the noodles means that they’re great at absorbing sauces. This works with any kind, from alfredo to tomato, so go nuts! 

4. Lanterne 

If you want unusual Italian pasta, then look no further. When translated this pasta means lantern in Italian, and comes in a spiral shape. 

Like cencioni, this is another type of Italian pasta that’s renowned for its ability to hold in sauces. This is due in no small part to the pasta’s unusual drill-shaped noodle. 

5. Fregula

You should know that Italian pasta is a dish with a long history behind it, and this is especially true when it comes to fregula

The product of an intensive historical trade, this pasta comes in small ball-shaped noodles. For the best results, you should make sure to serve this type with fish. 

6. Linguine 

Linguine is an unusual Italian pasta characterized by its flat shape and long length. This pasta type complements a variety of sauces such as tomato and in particular, pesto. 

If you’re looking to try out linguine, you can find it served at eateries such as Ciao Bello Restaurants.

7. Quadrefiore

Meaning “flower quadrants”, this pasta is notable for its cactus-like shape. If you’re looking for a pasta type that can adapt to any sauce available, then look no further! 

8. Busiate Trapanese 

Hailing from western Sicily, busiate Trapanese is a unique pasta shaped like ribbons.

If you want to enjoy this pasta to its full extent, make sure to top it with nuts like almonds or even pistachios.

It’s Never Too Late to Learn About Italian Pasta

One of the most amazing things about Italian pasta is that recipes continue to change and evolve. While you may think you are well versed in pasta, there’s a lot more to this dish than your standard angel hair. 

If you found this article informative, then consider visiting our blog. Here you can find out more about uncommon types of Italian pasta! 

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