Trending hairstyles for men Trending hairstyles for men

Looking for some perfect hairstyle inspirations that are easy to carry? There isn’t any particular style of the year like pantone shade, there are multiple trending hairstyles that remain top during 2020.

Hairstyle differs from person to person and in different lengths, some options and styles trends for short hair, some in basic and some for long hair.

No matter what length you love or for what occasion you want to style we have something for all, here are some trending hairstyles of 2020 for men.

Trending Hairstyles for Men in 2020

Short length

Short, trimmed hairstyles are very convenient for those who cannot maintain or have some protocols to follow. It isn’t only about convenience but about preference too.

Let’s look at some trending hairstyles for short hair.

1. Crew Cut

Casual brush up with high fade

Image source: haircutinspiration.com

2. Undercut

Taper fade brushed back undercut

Image source: haircutinspiration.com

3. Buzzcut 


Image source:  i.pinimg.com

4. Tight side part

8 high fade with side part

Image source: i1.wp.com

5. Short spikes


Image source: i.pinimg.com

6. Short Fade Side Part

Side part fade

Image source: menshairstylestoday.com

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Medium size hair

Medium size hair is quite perfect, they allow you to try a variety of hairstyles. This is the most preferred length, from college to office perfect for every profile.

Here are some must-try medium and classic yet trending hairstyle ideas.

7. Fringe 


Image source: i.pinimg.com

8. Slicked back hairstyle

Gettyimages 621801338

Image source: media.gq.com

9. Pompadour


Image source: i.pinimg.com

10. Textured crop cut

Textured crop

Image source: ruffians.co.uk

11. Medium length quiff

Quiff hairstyles for men 2

Image source: hairstylecamp.com

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Long hair

Long hair always remains in trend but they come with their own hassles, maintaining long hair is not an essay. But men who like trying new styles and being part of a trend it isn’t too difficult.

There are some hairstyles that can be tried with medium and long hairs.

Here are some looks you are worth trying. 

12. Slicked back hairstyle

Classic slick back

Image source: stylesatlife.com

13. Long length quiff

Pomp quiff

Image source: stylesrant.com

14. Half hair top knot

The long quiff and top knot

Image source: menhairstylist.com

15. Side part waves

Alan beak side part haircut hairstyles for men fade e1515452308977

Image source: menshairstyletrends.com 

These are some trending hairstyles that you must try, you can set them with hair gel and hairspray. To maintain some of these you can simply use a trimmer at home to trim from the sides and you are good to go!

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