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Would you enter a chamber of -140 Celcius to gain a performance edge?

Whole-body cryotherapy has grown in popularity over the past few years, from professional athletes to the average person. How can spending time in the extremely cold temperatures help athletes? What are the benefits of this concept? Is it dangerous?

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy for athletes:


Cryotherapy is known to help athletes recover faster and is often used for this purpose.

It has been proven to help repair exercise-induced muscle damage, which allows athletes to recover more quickly and thus train at a higher level. In the past, ice packs or ice baths have been the go-to when athletes used cold to recover.

Cryotherapy muscle recovery only takes three to five minutes of being in the machine before reaping the benefits. Reducing inflammation and promoting blood flow will have athletes feeling fresher the day after a hard workout.

Reduce Anxiety

Athletes can deal with many forms of anxiety. The pressure of performing to the expectations of a coach and any brand deals can add on to their existing competitive anxiety in training and competition.

Spending time in cryotherapy chambers can help to reduce anxiety by reducing the amount of inflammation in your body. Being able to complete muscle recovery and lowering anxiety at the same time is a huge benefit of using cryotherapy.


Does anyone feel comfortable in an ice bath? What about walking around with ice taped to your shoulder or hamstring?

An important benefit of cryotherapy is that it is a more comfortable experience than the other two cold remedies mentioned. Although you are in an extremely cold space, you only spend a short period of time in the chamber.


If you have access to a cryotherapy machine, this process can be very convenient for you. You don’t have to continue buying bags of ice to pour in a cold tub or worry about ice bags leaking everywhere.

In order to maximize the benefits of cryotherapy, you should be using it consistently. Having a machine that is easy to access can help this process be convenient for you and maximize the benefits.

Investing in Cryotherapy for Athletes

You’ve read the benefits, now it is time to take action.

Investing in a cryotherapy machine will allow athletes to take the next step to level up their training. This guides you through everything you need to know from how to buy the machine to how to finance it, along with reviews from previous customers.

Whether you are looking to start a cryotherapy business or purchase one for personal use, this will help you get started.

Start Recovering Better Today

It is clear that cryotherapy for athletes is a beneficial part of the recovery process. Investing in one could help you feel better daily. Check out our blog for more helpful articles like this one.

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