Tips to make your own decorative pillow (1) Tips to make your own decorative pillow (1)

It’s boring to keep ordinary pillows in your comfort zone. But you can always embellish your interior with eye-catching decorative pillows. You can start with throw pillows that create casual and comfortable surroundings. A decorative pillow not only ensures your solace but makes your room look graceful. 

Well, buying decorative pillows, toss pillows, accent pillows, or throw pillows to enhance interior beauty may cost more. Therefore, you should try to make your own decorative pillows, besides knowing how to make embroidery patches. Read further to get the ideas to decorate pillows yourself for an irresistible touching accent in the room.

Choosing a Fabric for Pillow Cover

Fabric is effective in providing the outer texture to the pillows. The most popularly used materials are:-

1. Cotton

Most reliable fabric that is easy to wash. It is an ideal choice for home and requires less maintenance. It is comfortable for both children and adults.

2. Wool

It gives wintry vibes while sitting in the room. It is best for the winter month as it will provide warmth.

3. Fur

Mongolian wool or sheepskin can give your room a luxurious look. Its softness adds value to the overall comfort of the pillow.

4. Velvet

It can be used to give a warm texture to the room. It is suitable for winters.

5. Linen

It’s a low-maintenance fabric suitable for summer. It’s a strong absorbent and dries quickly.

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Choosing a Color for Pillow

To make the pillow look attractive, you can choose different colors or printed fabric to cover the stuffing. Below are the tips to make a choice easy:-

  1. You should choose the color that matches the surroundings, e.g., the color of your furniture, wall paint, textile, etc. As you will be making pillows for your room, you can choose printed fabrics after considering sofa color.
  2. You can give the pillows the same shade or complementary shade. Choosing fabric of the same color for all pillows aggravates the look. Put occasionally solid-colored fabrics on some of the pillows while others should be neutral-hued.

More Ideas For Decoration

1. Embroidery for pillowcase

The embroidery will be the best option to decorate the upper case of the pillow. You can draw patterns or write letters on the cotton cloth. Trace the design with an embroidery hoop using classic backstitch. 

2. Braids and tassels

Rope braids and tassels reduce the friction of hair and pillow. Attractive hand-made rope braids should be attached while sewing the pillow. You can attach tassels with different patterns.

3. Adding sequins and Beads

Sequins can give the pillow a personalized look. Attaching microbeads will add support to your pillow. Polystyrene beads will be a good option.

4. Knitting

Knitting will be an excellent choice to decorate with motifs or other patterns. Crochet making is easier than knitting. You can make crochets by moving loops from one needle to another.

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Making and decorating a pillow is very easy if you know the correct procedure. After preparing the pillow of your choice, you need to maintain its condition. The cleanliness and sanitation of pillows give a chic look. You should know which fabrics are washable or require dry cleaning.

You can also go for piping, tassels, or beadwork, which is time-consuming but gives a perfect finish. Be careful while choosing the fabric because fabrics like silk, leather, and faux fur are treated before use. Make pillows in a way that should be family-friendly. 

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