Popular voice effects on tiktok to go viral Popular voice effects on tiktok to go viral

You might be creative in creating TikTok videos or expert in catching the recent trend. But to make your video viral, you can’t ignore the newly launched voice effects on TikTok.

Indeed, you don’t want to use just any random TikTok voice effect, but the ones that are relevant and importantly the popular ones. 

In this article, we will be sharing some of the popular voice effects on TikTok that you can use creatively with your content and make them viral-worthy.  

What Are the Most Popular Voice Effects on TikTok?

If you want to experiment with your voice or your friend’s voice in the same video, there are tons of voice effects you can use. To add fun elements and creative aspects to your video, you might need voice effects that are popular and perfect for your content. 

Let’s look at some of the most popular voice effects that most users apply to their content. And if you want to make your post viral on TikTok, you can use them along with the trending hashtags.

What are the most popular voice effects on tiktok

1. Mic

The ‘Mic’ filter adds the audio effect and makes it sound like a professionally recorded voice. If you want to sound like you are speaking in a microphone, you can try this—also the perfect choice if you want a clearer sound effect on your video. 

2. Electronic – The Popular Voice Effect

TikTok users who want to be creative with their videos, ‘Electronic’ is the popular voice effect for them. It creates the sound as if it’s created via electronic equipment. This audio effect applies glitchy and unusual voice effects, but use it creatively and you can create magic with it. 

3. Chipmunk

This is the most popular and also the cutest voice effect on this list. ‘Chipmunk’ is popular among TikTok users because it’s funny, playful, and sounds sweet. Everyone loves the ‘chipmunk’ voice effect on TikTok and you should be using it for sure. 

4. Cat – The Trending Voice Effect

Among the most cat owners on TikTok, this voice effect is the trending one. To edit the video creatively or make it unique, users apply the cat’s voice to sound like a cat’s meow. Make it even more appealing with your cat as if you and your pet cat chat. 

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5. Helium

The ‘Helium’ voice effect is applied to the fun and creative video. This makes you sound as if you inhaled the helium from balloons. If you can’t do it in real life but want to experience your sound with helium, this effect you can try. 

6. Robot

Want to check how you sound like a robot? This is the perfect voice effect for you. TikTok users are having fun with this robot audio effect and you should be, too. Because it’s trending and offers sound variation based on the content.

7. Echo

This is a classic audio effect to try on your TikTok video. There are many ways you can use this audio effect, as this effect feels nostalgic. So if your post is about sharing something personal or memorable, echo is the popular choice. 

8. Baby

For those who want to keep their inner child alive and want to feel like a kid, the ‘baby’ voice effect is good. This is popular among TikTok users who want to sound and look silly in their videos. 

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9. Vibrato

‘Vibrato’ is nothing but a strange voice effect, but it’s fine to use it for fun or silly videos. To have an audio effect that is oscillating and wet, this is the right option. 

10. Giant

If you have a low voice tone, ‘Giant’ is for you. This TikTok voice effect applies the deep audio filter to your voice. This is the deepest voice effect that you want to try out on TikTok for fun.   

11. Megaphone

For those announcers or artists on the platform, a megaphone is the popular voice effect. They use it to create a catchy sound effect. The voice with this effect sounds so much like it comes from a classic megaphone. 

12. Baritone

‘Baritone’ is a versatile voice effect that makes you sound smooth and a bit evil. You can apply this voice effect to make your video sound and feel creative. 

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Why TikTok Trending Voice Effects Matter?

Why tiktok trending voice effects matter

Adding voice effects to your video makes it more engaging, creative, and entertaining. By using the trending voice filters or effects, your posts get more exposure and so it drives more attention. 

What Is the TikTok Voice Filter?

What is the tiktok voice filter

TikTok voice filters are different sounds and voices that you can add to your posts, which change the tone and audio effect. From robot, baby, and chipmunk, there are many audio filters that you can use while editing your video on TikTok. 

Why Are Voice Effects So Important?

Why are voice effects so important

To add a creative or humorous element, the voice effects are popular among the TikTokers. You don’t want to miss adding catchy voice effects to your videos, because they are popular on the platform. 

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How to Make the Best Use of TikTok Voice Effects?

How to make the best use of tiktok voice effects

Well, you now have some popular and trending TikTok voice effects, and you are probably thinking that it’s enough, Right? Good, but it’s not so. To make each voice effect work in your favor you must know that it has to be relevant and fit perfectly with your content. Otherwise, it won’t leave any impact. 

Because using just the popular voice effect isn’t enough. When you use the right voice effect considering your tone, mood, and the context of your posts, it could work in your favor. 

Also, you should know that not all voice effects are available to every country. You have got some popular voice effects on TikTok, but you also need to try some options available in your particular region. 

In the end, it’s not about using the trending voice effect, but how you use them uniquely to your post that helps you go viral on TikTok. 

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