Morning Routines for Quick Weight Loss

At some point in our lives, most of us wanted to lose weight. Whether it’s to feel better about ourselves, to more easily accomplish a task we’ve set or if it’s for medical reasons – the results we want are the same. We all know that losing weight slowly by adopting habits we can stick with is the best way to go, but sometimes you have to drop a few pounds faster. While you should certainly be making improvements in your diet and exercise regime, there are also some hacks you can do at the start of each day to help you out.

Drink water

Drinking a tall glass of water as soon as you wake up will do a few things: First, it will kick-start your metabolism as soon as you wake up, and a faster metabolism means more calories burnt. Secondly, it will help wake you up: instead of sleeping in and lounging in your pajamas, you can go for a quick power walk or jog around the neighborhood as soon as you wake up. It will also help flush out toxins from your body and give you a head start on the daily water intake.

Skip the OJ

A lot of us think that drinking some fruit juice with our breakfast is a healthy thing to do, but you should think again. Boxed juices are mostly made of concentrate, meaning there’s a lot of sugar in them – much more than there would be if you just ate an orange (and yes, this is even in “no sugar added” juices). But even juicing your own fruit isn’t good enough: fruit is sweet because it’s nature’s way to get us to take in fiber – if you juice an orange and throw away the rest, you’re literally throwing away the best of the fruit and the things that help your digestive system.

Take your supplements

You might have recommendations to take supplements to help you out. Firstly, you might want to take supplements of coenzyme Q10, because it’s important for a healthy heart, and you probably won’t be getting much of it because it’s mostly found in fatty meats, which you’re avoiding if you’re trying to lose weight. Secondly, you might want to take something to aid your digestion and speed up your metabolism a little bit (stay away from diuretics!). Avoid any kind of appetite-suppression pills, because they’re very unhealthy and will make it impossible to eat regularly and naturally again.

Be present for your breakfast

We usually speed through our breakfast and multitask, whether it’s checking our phone, watching TV or reading the morning paper. But breakfast is the meal where you are most likely to overeat, because your body hasn’t gotten any food for a long time. Put the phone down and be present. Think about the food you’re eating and be mindful of every bite you’re taking it. Take your time and stop when you’re full.

Walk your commute

If it’s not possible to walk all the way to work, you can walk half of the way or two bus stations down. If you’re driving, park your car a few blocks away and walk the rest of the way. Being active in the morning will help speed up your metabolism and getting those few extra steps in will add up. You should also consider biking or even roller-skating.

These are small changes that any of us can make, and whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, this will help you feel better and be more energized throughout the day. So when you wake up tomorrow, remember your new routine.

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