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Did you know that 60% of Americans don’t like their smile?

Smiles play a huge role in our first impressions of people. They let us know whether a person is trustworthy, and we tend to like people who smile better than people who don’t. If you’re self-conscious about your smile, what can you do about it?

Keep reading for five tips on how to improve your smile and fight off that self-consciousness.

1. Strong At-Home Dental Hygiene

A great smile starts with healthy teeth and gums. Healthy teeth and gums come from consistent home dental hygiene habits.

Always brush your teeth twice a day. If you can, use an electric toothbrush for the most effective plaque removal. If you need to use a manual toothbrush, select one with soft bristles; medium and hard bristle toothbrushes can wear away your enamel over time.

Also, floss your teeth once per day. This will remove food and other bacteria-causing debris from between your teeth, preventing cavities and slowing down tooth staining.

2. Proper Hydration

For beautiful teeth and skin, make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Strong hydration gives your skin the moisture it needs to stay smooth and blemish-free. It also prevents bacteria from building up in your mouth, keeping stain-causing germs at bay.

If you drink tap water, you get the added benefit of consuming fluoride, an essential mineral for preventing tooth decay.

3. Dental Implants

Broken or missing teeth can tank your self-esteem. They may even keep you from wanting to smile in public at all! Additionally, missing teeth left untreated can negatively impact your health and nutrition.

Luckily, dental implants are a great, affordable replacement option for missing teeth. Experts like Dr. Suzanne Caudry will make sure you feel comfortable and taken care of through all aspects of the procedure, including during pre-operation and post-operation care.

4. Cosmetic Surgery

If you’ve ever considered getting cosmetic surgery for the purpose of improving your smile, you’re not alone! Although this is one of the more expensive and invasive smile-improving options on this list, it can also be effective and long-lasting.

Some people request Botox injections to remove frown lines and other wrinkles from their faces. Acecosm could be the solution you’ve been looking for if you wish to get rid of those wrinkles in your face. Other individuals will get cosmetic tooth shaping done to remove pointed edges from their teeth and create a more uniform shape among all the teeth in their mouths.

5. Embrace Your Smile

At the end of the day, knowing how to smile better comes down to confidence. Your smile is unique; no one else in the world has the same smile as you. Regardless of the look of your teeth or whether you have wrinkles, smile with confidence, and people will be drawn to you and your joy.

Use These Tips on How to Improve Your Smile

Now you know five options for how to improve your smile. From drinking enough water to cosmetic surgery, there are lots of interventions available to you to help you get the smile you want. Ultimately, rocking what you have with confidence is the key to a great smile.

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