How to Brew A Cup of Tea that Everyone Loves

Who doesn’t love that great cup of tea? Sadly, not many can brew that perfect cup of tea that draws you in irresistibly for another sip.

In this article, you will learn how tea can taste when brewed to perfection. The following components are required to make that lovely cup:

  • Loose-leaf tea
  • A tea bag
  • Porcelain china
  • Thermometer
  • Teapot

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You can make your tea bags

If you don’t want to buy tea bags, you can modify your loose leaf by putting them in bags. The unique property about loose leaf tea is its propensity to roam freely about the teapot. Therefore, the bag should be roomier. Cleaning your teapot is less stressful as you take out the teabag and trash in the bin.

Pinpoint the Optimum Water Temperature

Water is essential for brewing the perfect tea. But this varies depending on the kind of tea that is brewed. For black teas, the best temperature hovers around 96C. Green teas brew better at 70C. Your thermometer accurately tells you the water temperature.

Tea requires oxygen, so never re-boil water as this extracts all the oxygen, making the tea taste bitter. Once the kettle is on the boil, put the water inside the teapot. Insert the thermometer within the liquid to ensure it has tapered off to the right temperature.

Monitor the brewing time

The tea variant will determine the duration of its stay in the teapot. A tea of genuine quality will have instructions for how long to steep the tea. Keep the tea cosy on top of the pot. This keeps the water temperate. While this is happening, you can rummage in the background for a delicious snack to go with the tea.

Now take your teabag out of the teapot. This must be done before you serve. If it stays in for more than the required duration, the tea will turn out with a bitter taste. You can do less with stirring so as not to release tannin which could unleash a strong bitter taste into the tea. Your tea could get bitter also if you squeeze your bag. It is better to buy rishi tea online to enjoy improved infusion quality when you brew.

Porcelain wins it all

Using the right tableware is as important as the water temperature. Plastics and metals are an absolute no when serving your tea. Plastics are notorious for retaining the tannin, spoiling our beautiful tea. For the best tea brewing experience, go for porcelain teacups.

Porcelain keeps the tea in its original form. Although a Chinese ritual, porcelain teacups are widely accepted as the cup of choice for drinking tea in Europe and across the Americas.


Although many people prefer their tea straight, it does not hurt to add milk. It is common to add milk in black tea compared to green tea but be careful not to add too much.

Final thoughts

Now you are ready to enjoy your perfect cup. Sit back and relax to enjoy one of the best refreshments in the world. How lovely does it taste now?

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