How To Treat And Prevent Cavities

5 Hacks to Treat and Prevent Cavities

Is a family member suffering from cavities?

Cavities can happen to everyone since 27% of American adults have untreated cavities. It happens when you eat a lot of sweets without practicing proper oral hygiene. The pain can get intense, leaving you unable to work or do your daily tasks.

Before going to the dentist, it’s best to learn how to treat a cavity now. Read on as we discuss some cavity treatment methods you can try at home:

1. Chew Sugar-Free Gum

A simple way of how to treat a cavity at home is chewing gum after meals. It helps in remineralizing enamel. Look for those with xylitol since they prevent dry mouths and reduce the microbes causing plaque.

Other sugar-free gums contain the CPP-ACP compound. They’re even more effective in reducing plaque-causing bacteria than xylitol. If you want to stay home, these products are often available in online stores.

2. Take Vitamin D

This vitamin allows your body to absorb more calcium and phosphate from your food. Eating calcium and vitamin D-rich food results in a lower risk of cavities. It’s especially effective in children as they develop their permanent teeth.

Vitamin D is abundant in dairy products like milk and yogurt. If you walk outdoors during the day, you’ll get more from the sun.

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3. Brush With Fluoride Toothpaste

Like xylitol, fluoride can prevent cavities and remineralize enamel. Brushing your teeth using fluoride toothpaste decreases cavity risks. However, the studies are often for children or teenagers.

Fluoride’s effectiveness for adult and elderly use is not as well-researched. Regardless, it’s an easy method of how to treat a cavity before going to the dentist.

4. Cut Sugary Foods

It’s not a pleasant solution, but cutting excessive sugar from your diet will help a lot. Your sugar consumption is your primary risk factor for cavities.  Ensure your total daily caloric intake is less than 10% from sugar.

Avoid snacking on sugary food items as the day progresses. After eliminating the sugar, your enamel will start remineralizing. It’s the best method of how to fix a cavity before getting Dental Fillings.

5. See a Dentist

Most dental problems often develop without experiencing pain and other common symptoms. It applies even to deep cavities. If you want to ensure your dental health, get regular dental checkups.

It depends on the severity of the condition. However, they’re faster and more effective than home remedies.

Nothing beats treatments like root canals and tooth extractions. These are effective treatments since they remove severely decayed teeth and fix damaged pulp.

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Learn How to Treat a Cavity Now

These are some easy ways of how to treat a cavity at home. Use these when you have no time to go to a proper dentist. Otherwise, make a habit of visiting them at least twice a year.

Knowing these home remedies isn’t enough. Learn how to find a reputable dentist to preserve your smile.

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