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Being on your feet all day, running from place to place, is a requirement for motherhood. Whether you’re chasing the little ones around the house or heading to the store, you should always have comfortable shoes to put on.

These shoes are made for walking so keep reading to learn the best shoe brands for busy moms! 


Crocs have seen a recent rise in popularity, especially among millennials. Crocs are a great pair of shoes that you can easily slip on and off and they are easy to clean (always a plus). They are favorites among professionals who are on their feet all day as they are comfortable, sturdy, breathable, and lightweight.

This makes them an awesome choice for on-the-go moms. Keep a pair in your car when you need to change into that give a little more room for your feet. 


Skechers are the classic slip-on sneaker for everyone of any age. They are built for form and function, unfortunately, not so much for fashion. Either way, Skechers are sturdy and cost-effective and good for active moms.

They have a wide variety of shoes, with and without laces, and you can even match your little one. 


Flojos is home to some of the finest and most comfortable footwear for you and everyone else in your family. They carry everything from sandals and shoes to slippers and boots. Their goal is to create the best, most durable shoes that are style comfortable and stylish. 

A pair of lightweight sandals made of durable, waterproof materials is an essential traveling companion. Check out these best walking sandals for women for your next outing. 


Rothy’s is a line of comfortable slides, flats, loafers, mary janes, boots, and more. Not only are they comfortable right out of the box, but they are also crafted from old, recycled water bottles. This makes them eco-friendly and sustainable.

Rothy’s shoes are even machine washable, a bonus when you have small children. 


Finding a pair of sneakers that are fashionable, good looking, and goes with any outfit is hard to come by. A classic pair of Adidas work with a pair of jeans or something more dressy. Their minimalistic style makes them a very versatile accessory.

Dr. Scholl’s 

The line of shoes by Dr. Scholl’s specializes in ultra-comfortable insoles made of memory foam and extra padding along the sides. They are typically used for people who experience chronic pain conditions or problems like plantar fasciitis, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good for an everyday shoe. 

These Shoes Are Made for Walking (and for You!)

These shoes are made for walking and a pair of comfortable shoes are a necessity. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa with these six awesome shoes for busy moms. Get a pair to keep in the car and a pair by the door for when you’re on the go.

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