3 Secrets to Build High Self Esteem Try for Change

3 Secrets to Build High Self Esteem

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Since childhood we have been taught to respect others in order to gain it. But all goes awry if you neglect the importance of respecting your own self. Self-respect is a fundamental of a healthy, happy you. Having self-respect isn’t being a narcissist or possessing an egoistic feeling of superiority, it is about trusting, loving and believing yourself and about making choices, taking paths that make you happy. The lack of self-respect leaves one with emotions of anxiety, regret, and self-neglect leading to a skeptical attitude towards yourself and your decisions.

You don’t need to be the smartest kid in your class or a millionaire to have self-respect. Follow these simple steps to gain more self-respect which can change your life forever.

1. Accept The Things You Can’t Change:-

3 Secrets to Build High Self Esteem Accept Change

We always tend to get attracted to the idea of us being better. But there are some things you cannot change, certain physical qualities for instance. So, instead of lamenting over it for the rest of life, accept that it cannot be changed and learn to defocus that ‘inevitable’ in your life.

2. Work for The Things YOU Can CHANGE:-

3 Secrets to Build High Self Esteem Try for Change

Procrastination or fear often comes in way when you try to change for good. Overcome the barriers and bring the change you would like to see in yourself. It helps you make yourself more like-able in your eyes hence enhancing your self-respect.

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3. DON’T Be ‘TOO HARD’ on Yourself:-

3 Secrets to Build High Self Esteem Try for Change Don't be too hard on your self

Mind your self-talk; it largely reflects how you think of yourself. Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love and replace pessimistic sentences like ‘I don’t think I can do it’ with optimistic sentences like ‘Yes, I can do it!’ The tinge of positivity will do wonders in boosting your self-confidence along with self-respect.
These simple but very effective steps can help you succeed and take the giant leap from self-deprecation to self-respect; because if you don’t respect yourself, the world wouldn’t either.

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