Why You Should Buy A House In Coimbatore

Why You Should Buy A House In Coimbatore?

Are you looking for a new house to buy in Coimbatore? Most people dream of buying a new house with their own money and some portion of the house loan has already been used. A home is where we used to spend most of our time in a day. When you are purchasing a new house, you will take more time to decide. 

Coimbatore is at  11°1’6’’North and 76°58’21’’East on the banks of Noyyal river. Western ghats surrounded it on the northern and western sides. It is commonly called the Manchester of South India. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in India for the textile industry and cultural history.

This article discusses why you should buy a new house here, reasons, and highlights to invest money in real estate.

Types of Real Estate Properties 

Luxury Homes

Because of the increase in industrialization and IT companies, there is a need for houses for sale in Coimbatore. There are many projects for luxury homes such as villas, apartments, and flats. Luxury homes are made with basic and modern facilities for an easy and rich lifestyle for the people.

Budget Homes

Many construction firms offer low-budgeted homes too. Most houses required basic facilities regularly. These budget homes are furnished or semi-furnished. It is easy to find more budgeted homes in this city.

8 Reasons You Should Buy a House in Coimbatore


Both visitors and local people always love the pleasant climate. The average climate is 28°C, during May the hottest month. The temperature always remains pleasant even in the summer season.

Reasonable Prices

It belongs to tier 2 cities. Compared to real estate prices in tier 1 cities, it offers a lower price. You can also buy budgeted homes at a nominal price. Even spacious homes Become cheaper, you don’t need to spend a huge amount for this. In Kalapatti, Singanalluru and Trichy road are some of the best areas to buy homes and luxury apartments for an affordable price.

Outstanding Job and Business Opportunities

With the development of the automobile and IT sector, people started buying new house for sale in Coimbatore. Recently, many IT companies are starting their operations soon. Foreign companies have invested tons of money to build new companies too.

Education Hub

It has become one of the most educational hubs in Tamilnadu. It has more reputed schools, colleges, and universities. So, many students from other cities and states are arriving here to pursue higher education. It has top-notch institutions like PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore Medical College, and many others institutes.

Medical Infrastructure

This city has a very good network of hospitals. Hospitals offer quality treatment with affordable pricing compared to tier-1 cities. It is famous for medical tourism in recent days. Hospitals such as PSG hospitals, KMCH, Ramakrishna Hospital, and others hospitals offer world-class treatment at reasonable prices.

Leisure and Entertainment Spots

Coimbatore has so many leisure and entertainment spots such as Isha Yoga, Siruvani waterfalls, amusement park, Parambikulam, Aliyar dam, Perur temple, Mosque, and Church. Some fashion malls such as Brook fields, Prozone Mall, and Fun Republic Mall to purchase and watch movies. You can visit these places with your family and friends.

Safety and Security

One of the major reasons people love Coimbatore is more assured safety and security. The strong police force and vigilance become a safe city and a good place to live, work, and move around. Humble and big-hearted people who are more concerned about your welfare. It is one of the safest cities for families to settle here.

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Infrastructure Facility

This city has very good infrastructure facilities. Here there is no traffic congestion compared to tier 1 cities. NH-209, NH-47, and NH-67 are the major highways connecting the place. It has one international airport and two railway stations. From a very good source of tasty water to a power supply connection, it provides all the modern facilities needed for a living. 


Coimbatore is one of the best cities to live in terms of cleanliness and low cost-of-living-index. It has more advantages than disadvantages to investing in the real estate market. Rent in this place is 44% cheaper than Bangalore rent. The cost of living is very low compared to tier 1 cities. So, you can save more money than your own expenses. It is a pollution-free city.

It has a better and healthy lifestyle. You can develop your hobbies, and social life and spend time with your family and friends. Traffic congestion is low compared to metropolitan cities.

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