Why you should be using a proxy Why you should be using a proxy

Proxy servers can be an invaluable tool in your arsenal as you try to be more secure and get more freedom in your online activity. Whether it is wanting to add an extra layer of security, protect internet traffic from getting tracked by nefarious third parties or try to speed up internet speed and load times, a proxy server can be a positive addition to your online tools.

A proxy server works as a gateway between multiple users and the internet. By doing this, it can immediately protect against cybercriminals from getting a foothold in a private network. A proxy server will mask the real server and works as the middleman between the user and the websites they visit while browsing online.

As a user goes online and browses the web, they have an IP address. It works similarly to your real home address, giving incoming web data somewhere to go and sticking an address on outgoing data that leaves your PC for the recipient to verify. A proxy server works as a middleman in this process, using an IP of its own for all the activity and hiding the real one the user possesses. Statista found that only 26% of the world’s population uses a VPN or proxy server.

When used correctly, a proxy server can work as a crucial security component for your PC and online activity. They can work as filters for websites and online activity but also as a firewall, protecting against ransomware, malware, phishing scams, and trojan-horse viruses. By using strong security products, a proxy server can be enhanced alongside these to be a fantastic piece of online safety protection. You can use a residential proxy free trial to see if this great online tool is a good fit for you.

Here are the key reasons for using a proxy:

Have more freedom online

By using a proxy server, you are not limited by any geographical restrictions, governmental regulations, or internet service provider restrictions when you browse online. If you are in certain countries, you might not be able to gain access to specific movies or tv shows that you want to watch. A good example can be if you are in the USA and want to watch Japanese anime TV shows, by using a proxy server and masking your location, you can watch as much as your heart contents.

In some countries like China that have very strict and restricted online content rules in place, a proxy server can give an internet user freedom to browse and view different kinds of content they might not have been able to before. The high usage of proxy servers and VPNs has altered the number of internet users that are visible from China, according to Forbes.

Bolster your security

A proxy server can improve your online security situation in several ways, such as hiding your IP address while you go online. By adding a proxy into your security toolbox, you will not have your real IP address revealed as you browse online, instead working with the proxy server’s IP address. That gives you the anonymity that can strongly protect you against any cyber criminals or nefarious third parties that might want to steal your data or internet activity to hack or monetize it. Your IP address can reveal a lot, including where you live, right down to your street and house number.

Another security benefit is that a proxy server can filter out any dangerous or malicious websites while you browse online. If you have admin access to a proxy server, you can block out any websites that might be deemed dangerous or harmful to you. Whilst it might sound like it can be restricting, it works by the admin inputting the dangerous sites that need to be avoided which can, in turn, stop themselves and other proxy server users from accessing it. Another benefit is that any malicious attacks from these sites infect and damage the proxy server, leaving your real server and device unscathed.

Faster internet browsing

Proxy servers can cache data that it receives as a user browses the internet. It does this by basically saving the internet traffic and web page data as the user browses, then if the user wanted to revisit a cached web page, it can load up almost instantly, Not only does this cut down massively on load times online, but it can also save web content and graphics so even bulky media content is cached. This displays web pages incredibly fast for the user who requested them, creating a faster internet browsing experience.

Another benefit is that if a large group of users is browsing the same website if they cache the webpages onto the proxy server they are using, they create a better and faster online experience for each other. They also take pressure off the website, as the saved internet traffic going to the site reduces the likelihood of it crashing or getting slow load-up times due to queues.

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