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If you hear someone sing the words, “And like a good neighbor,” you might instantly recognize this jingle and complete the sentence with, “State Farm is there.” 

This jingle is one of many famous ones that most people know, and all kinds of companies use jingles as part of their advertising strategy. 

If you own a business, you might want to consider the top reasons to create a catchy jingle to use as part of your marketing strategy. Here are some reasons to consider adding this to your advertising plan.

Radio Jingles Stick With People

When someone hums or sings a famous jingle they know from radio ads, you might sing along with them, as you probably know it, too. Why is that? What makes radio jingles so memorable?

The truth is that people tend to remember radio jingles more so than company mottos or slogans. Jingles are catchy and tend to stick in a person’s brain.

As a result, people remember companies by their jingles more than anything else.

To understand this more, you might want to learn a little about how radio jingle are made. When you learn this, you’ll find out that radio stations create them in a way to make sure people remember them. 

When you understand how and why they make them, you’ll likely want to include a jingle in your advertising plan. 

They Help People Remember Your Company

When companies use jingles in their business advertising, it can have profound effects. One such effect is that they help people remember your company.

After hearing your jingle multiple times, people might get the song stuck in their heads. When they need the services your company offers, this jingle might pop into their head, causing them to think of your company.

The result of this is that jingles increase brand awareness. They help people know that your company exists, and they know exactly what products or services your company offers. 

Increasing brand awareness is one of the most effective ways to increase revenues. 

They’re a Cost-Effective Advertising Strategy

If you’re looking for marketing tips to grow your business and increase its revenue, you might want to consider multiple types of company advertising, including this option.

One last reason you might want to consider this option is that it’s cost-effective. If you create one jingle that is catchy and memorable, you can use it for all your marketing efforts. 

You won’t need to keep finding new forms of advertising to use. Instead, you can keep using the same jingle, which makes this form of advertising cost-effective for your business. 

Consider Using a Jingle to Grow Your Business

Using a radio jingle is a great thing to add to your advertising strategy. It increases brand awareness and helps people hold onto your company in their minds. 

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