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You’ve decided you want to move to a senior living community, but how do you narrow down the options? A quick search for a retirement community near you will likely give you plenty of results.

Narrowing down the options depends largely on the life you want to live in retirement. Focus on convenience and a facility that’s compatible with your activities.

Check out these things to consider when choosing a senior living facility.

Location of the Facility

Consider where you want to live in your retirement years, whether that’s a specific area in your current city, a nearby city, or a completely different state. Many people want to live near family or friends. Weather and nearby activities can also be a factor.

Also consider how close the facility is to other community spots, such as medical facilities or restaurants. Think about the places you visit often when choosing a facility location.

Level of Care

An independent senior living facility is often simply an apartment-style community designed for older adults ages 55 and over. While you get maintenance and support from staff, you generally don’t get any help with personal care tasks.

An assisted living home for seniors is often apartment-style living, but staff members help out with daily tasks, such as taking medication, getting dressed, bathing, and washing laundry. These facilities also offer prepared meals. Assisted living is ideal when you need a little extra help but don’t need a nursing home.

About 1.3 million people live in nursing home facilities. They provide medical care for people who aren’t able to live on their own.

Determine what type of senior care facility you need. Some facilities offer multiple levels of care, which makes it easier if you eventually need a little more care.

Amenities and Activities

One of the benefits of living in a retirement community is access to amenities, services, and activities. Many communities offer things such as salons, chapels, stores, exercise facilities, gardens, libraries, computer rooms, and coffee shops. As a resident, you can take advantage of those services and amenities without leaving the grounds.

Planned activities can help you socialize and stay entertained. You might be able to join groups based on interests, watch live entertainment, or take various classes.

What You Get

Analyze the living options, such as apartment-style living versus individual homes, and the size and layouts of the different floor plans to find one that fits your needs. Maintenance is generally included, so you don’t have housing upkeep, but it’s important to know exactly what’s covered. If you have pets, look for a retirement community that’s pet-friendly.

General Feeling

Every senior living community has a general feel or culture about it. Some are close-knit communities where all residents seem to know each other, while others are more independent. Large facilities might seem busier and more active while smaller communities can feel quieter.

Some communities, such as connect55.com, focus on an active senior lifestyle. Others might have a different emphasis. Consider what’s important to you and find a community that supports that general feeling.

Choose a Senior Living Community

Knowing what to look for helps you find the ideal senior living community for your situation. Convenience, amenities, and a functional layout make your new retirement community feel like home. When it’s time to choose a solution, explore different opportunities with help from experts like Caregiverlist that allow individuals to share their caregiving experiences with others and to learn about the various care options by location, along with the costs for each, so you can make the best decision.

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