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Solar panels have been all the rage lately and for good reason. They can help you save money on your utility bills and they’re good for the environment. The problem is that they are a huge investment up front.

It’s good to know if all that money is worth it before you call the installation company and ask them to come out. How long are they even going to last after you have them put in?

Solar panels are pretty sturdy, but they will begin to degenerate over time if you’re not careful with them. Keep reading to learn how long your investment will last on your roof.


Your solar panel roof will last for years upon years, but only if you hire the right solar panel installers. It takes a special hand to connect the system together. They also need to take a moment to check out your roof before they start putting the panels in.

If your roof is old and falling apart, you’ll have to get it fixed up before the panels are placed. Otherwise, you’ll run into serious problems with your system.

Degeneration Rate

If you know how solar panels work, you’re aware that they suck in energy from the sun and use it to power electronics. Over time, their ability to do this effectively will begin to waver.

There are certain factors that make this process happen faster. We’re talking about the weather. If a bad storm blows through your area and knocks a tree down on top of your roof, the panels may crack.

Heavy snowfall can destroy the structure of the panels. Hot weather can mess with the chemical makeup of the system and reduce its lifespan.

Preserving Your Solar Panels

As long as you take care of your solar panels, they can last anywhere from 20-30 years. To make the most out of your system, you’ll need to have it inspected every so often and keep it clean from debris.

Get Them Inspected

Having your panels inspected on a normal basis will help bring problems to light. Problems that could cause your system to fail before its time.

You could take a look at them yourself, but you may end up voiding your warranty if you do. It’s better to leave this job to the professionals.

Keep the Panels Clean

Debris and twigs have the potential to scratch up your solar panels. They can also fog them and cause them not to work as they should.

You can buy products that will help you keep your panels clean. You can also get guards that will keep any unwanted pests from nesting in your system.

How Long Will Your Solar Panels Last?

Installing solar panels is a great way to lower your power bill and give back to the environment. It’s hard to make that kind of investment without knowing how long your system will last. Use this guide to take care of your panels and keep them going for years to come.

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