What is air compressor What is air compressor

Air compressors are widely used by industries and other similar companies to receive proper air flow in a systematic manner. These help most equipment to work efficiently. In simple works, air compressor is machine that help to transform power into usable energy. The energy is stored in pressured air form.

The energy generated can help run many machines and applications at once. These cannot be compared with pumps. Pumps need liquid form of pressure whereas air compressors work on gas or air.

What is Air Compressor?

Generally, air compressors are of two major types; dynamic and positive displacement. Dynamic compressors are also known as centrifugal. Air compressors are rated on the basis of CFM which stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. CFM varies and is dependent on the environment (atmospheric) pressure. Your atmospheric pressure will decide how fast the air can move into the compressor (cylindrical object). Temperature and humidity both are important factors to be considered in making an air compressor run efficiently.

Positive Compressors:

Positive Displacement compressors consume air and reduce the space that is taken by the air. As a result, this increases the pressure.

Dynamic Compressors:

Dynamic Air Compressors use the mechanical action by rotating the connected impellers. As a result of this rotation, the air pressure transferred into the compressor.

There are further divisions to both the compressors that further help you to choose between the two. You may check the details it with the manufacturer.

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Tips To Buy The Best Air Compressor?

  1. Requirement:

Before you buy an air compressor, the wisest thing to do would be to understand your requirements. Find the objective of your purpose of buying the tool. You may also need to understand the list of tools or machines that you wish to work with.

  1. Durability:

Check the durability of the product before you make the final deal. Every brand offers a limited warranty period on the wear and tear of the object. However, you may need to know the parts connected also if those are strong enough in its life expectancy.

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  1. Size:

Check the size of the tank and ensure that the capacity fits well as per the requirements. Your tank size should be in proportion to the machines that you want to work with the air compressor.

  1. Horsepower:

Horsepower is another important factor to consider while selecting an air compressor. Do not go by the exaggerated horsepower ratings or mention on the package or details of your air compressor. It would be wise to check the user ratings and reviews on the horsepower before you buy the compressor.

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  1. CFM:

CFM depends on the air tools usage. Every air tool needs a certain CFM to run. You may read different CFMs based on different air tools. Check the CFM of your air compressor. Technically, a basic air compressor must run with 3-4 CFM per HP at a range of 90 PSI.

For more information on the types and designs of air compressor, you may explore the web or visit your nearest hardware store.

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