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If you have even a passing knowledge of the global tech industry, you have probably heard of web developers before. Web developers are among the most sought-after and highly paid professionals in the US today, powering a trillion-dollar tech industry and designing many of the websites, apps, and platforms that you use every single day.

If you are wondering what is a web developer and how you can become one, we have got you covered. Read this essential guide on everything you need to know about being a web developer.

1. What is a Web Developer?

Put simply, web development is a discipline of computer programming that builds and designs the websites that most people use on a daily basis. This includes applications such as email platforms and social media sites. A web design professional must create the programming language to make it all work, including

every aspect of interactivity and the visuals of the website. There are many subgenres of website design, ranging from being a back-end programmer to a UX-based visual designer. All of these professions tend to require a very strong grasp of programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and Ruby.

2. How to Become a Web Developer?

There are many routes to becoming a successful web developer. First, you will need to develop the prerequisite skills. This means a fundamental understanding of so-called ‘markup languages’ such as HTML is pretty much essential. On top of this, you will need a strong command of programming languages such as CSS, Javascript, and SASS, which are “stylesheet” languages that allow you to build on the bare bones of HTML.

An ability to use and navigate the databases where website information is stored, such as Microsoft SQL, is also key. While many web developers gain these skills via a degree in computer science, this is not the only route. Many web designers at the top of their field are entirely self-taught, although this takes time and dedication.

3. Responsibilities of a Web Developer

Technical expertise is not the only thing you need to be a successful web designer. A top-tier website design firm will have the creative vision to put together a digital product or service that people want to use.

This means being able to think outside the box, being good at managing relationships, and not being afraid to take leadership with big and bold ideas. You can be fluent in every programming language under the sun, but this will not do you much good if you do not have the vision to put these languages to good use.

4. Job Market Potential for Web Developers

Put simply, the long-term employment outlook for web developers remains stellar. We are undergoing a digital transformation on a never-before-seen scale and speed. Demand for web designers and programmers is unprecedented and growing rapidly every year.

Companies such as Google, Apple, Tesla, Twitter, Salesforce, Microsoft, and more will happily pay six or seven-figure salaries for the best web designers. There are few career paths more viable than web design right now.

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