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Do you love the scent of sandalwood? Often associated with Indian culture, this rare tree’s heartwood has been prized for centuries thanks to its enticing aroma and use in detailed carvings.

Today, it’s a beloved smell used in incense, essential oils, cosmetics, and more. And, it might even be good for you, too!

Read on to learn about the benefits of sandalwood and how to incorporate it into your daily life.

Benefits of Sandalwood

Ancestral shamans and ancient healers believed that sandalwood held a surprising variety of medicinal benefits, from healing wounds to curing chronic conditions. But, it was most beloved for its ability to enhance meditation and promote mindfulness.

Often burned as sandalwood incense or applied to the body as an essential oil, its aroma was believed to enhance the mood, lessen tension, balance emotions, and deliver a clear-headed grounded feeling to those who inhaled it. This is why the smell of burning sandalwood is so often associated with Buddhist and Hindu traditions, as well as yoga. 

Indian sandalwood was traditionally used in holistic ayurvedic treatments as well. And, in the 1800s, it became so popular and valuable on the global market that Hawaiian sandalwood was among the island nation’s top exports.

Modern Sandalwood

Today, sandalwood is most cherished for its alluring and calming aroma.

Sometimes described as woody, musky, and warm, this scent can lend a sultry or relaxing and meditative touch to any space and is appropriate for use by day or night. Spas, yoga studios, and relaxing restaurants often utilize it, blended with other exotic spices like cardamom and vanilla.

Sandalwood is also used as the base note in countless perfumes and colognes described as carrying an “oriental” undertone.

How to Incorporate This Aroma 

When using sandalwood, think about which specific benefits you’re hoping to bring into your space.

For example, burning sandalwood incense in your entryway is an instant “mood maker,” letting visitors know that they can expect a calm and relaxing experience. Setting out an aromatic diffuser filled with sandalwood oil in your bathroom, on the other hand, sets the tone for a soothing or even romantic spa session.

Because sandalwood can have a powerful aroma all on its own, you’ll likely want to combine it with other scents, especially if you’re using it at home. A lightly diffused essential oil like AromaTech Scent Santal is versatile to use in a wide variety of spaces.

Adding Sandalwood to Your Space

Now that you know a bit more about the benefits of sandalwood, you’re probably excited to start using it. Just remember, you should always opt for high-quality essential oils sold by a reputable vendor. This will help you avoid counterfeit and substandard products that might not be produced to the same high standards.

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