What are Modern Homebuyers Looking for in a House?

Home features come in diverse elements with the relevance of some fading over time while others retain their relevance and compatibility with modern home trends. Carrying out a home improvement project may cost a significant sum, but it gives a refined touch by adding more to the value of your home. There are many home features for which a potential home buyer would be willing to pay good money.

A shrewd property seller follows the trend while looking ahead; improving properties based on what a buyer would need. Installing contemporary features in your home saves your property much time on the property market while ensuring you get top dollar for your home. However, what features are absolute necessities?

Here in this guide, we will tell you what modern buyers want.

Things Modern Home Buyers want in a House

1. Laundry room

This is one of the must-have features potential buyers want in their new home. Homebuyers desire a home for all laundry activities. The good thing is that property owners are beginning to catch on to this. Almost all available homes for sale in Palo Alto now come equipped with a dedicated room for laundry.

Although not mandatory, it has become more or less ‘best practice’ for current homes to come with separate laundry rooms as they keep the clutter of clothing from spreading into the living areas. The cost of fixing a laundry home hangs anywhere within $1000 – $5000 range.

2. Patio

As a property owner, it is essential to see beyond the current capabilities of what your property has to offer. A property with a backyard is an opportunity to invest in a patio.

This is a home feature that is perfect for outdoor hosting activities with guests and friends. With the lovely weather practically all year round, homes for sale in Palo Alto need a patio to elevate the value and quality of the living experience.

3. Walk-in pantry

This is a must for homeowners who understand how quickly filled a kitchen can get. Sometimes there is inadequate space available to keep indispensable items. This is the reason to install a walk-in pantry.

A walk-in pantry solves space problems which a closet pantry cannot because it gives homeowners the convenience of storing more food items a little distance from the food prep station.

Walk-in pantries are particularly essential for people who do their groceries making bulk purchases. While building your pantry, ensure it is situated in a cool and dry area.

4. Energy appliances

These are appliances that use less energy relatively. These appliances are more expensive to purchase but help save funds on electrical bills in the long run. They usually have a star embossed on them. It is important to look out for this star while shopping for your energy appliance.

There are other must-have items for your home such as energy windows and walk-in closets. However, what we have mentioned tops the list.


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