Wedding trends in australia Wedding trends in australia

Are you planning a wedding for 2021 and considering incorporating some of the hottest wedding trends sweeping Australia right now? Do you want to be sure that the wedding reflects your couple style, yet provides that extra wow factor that will not only impress your guests but provide you with memories that last a lifetime? And are you hoping to achieve all of this without getting too flustered and stressed out during the process?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you can consider this a must-have guide to all the hottest wedding trends for the year. You can then pick and choose which ones make sense to include in your plans and do so in a seamless manner.

1. A More Simplified Wedding

Much of this trend can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the world in 2020 and still continues into this year. It forced people to take a more toned-down and simplified approach to wedding planning which has ended up being popular and trendy.

Couples have discovered that this can create a more intimate and romantic vibe. It saves a lot of money in the budget, and there isn’t that same level of stress involved in planning the wedding. Watch for this trend to continue even after the pandemic starts to wane.

2. Fresh, Natural Colour Palettes

In terms of trending colour palettes for 2021, fresh natural colours are looking to be the top picks. These are colours you would naturally find in nature such as soft greens, pale yellow, aqua and blue, light pink and lilac. These are great for spring and summer weddings, but if your wedding will be in the autumn you can opt for richer colours from nature such as deep forest green, burnt orange, and burgundy.

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3. Work on a Wedding Day Timeline Well in Advance

Here’s another tip that may not seem as glamourous at first glance, but will be essential to ensuring that your wedding day is a huge success. Taking the time to create a wedding day timeline in advance that you can share with all those in the bridal party and the vendors will help to eliminate questions and issues that can pop up on the actual wedding day.

A wedding day timeline should include such things as what preparations need to be done on the day, who is doing those preparations, how long it will take, travel to and from the ceremony and venue, how long the ceremony will take, when photographs will take place, and then everything involved with the reception. It’s a rather in-depth timeline that you will want to create, as it will act as the blueprint for the day.

Wedding trends in australia 2021

4. A Departure from Typical Bridal Wear

If you’re the type who has never really gotten excited about wearing a big wedding dress, then you’re going to love this latest trend. Again, it speaks to a more simplified and minimalist approach that has shifted the way people look at bridal wear. Many brides are skipping the big white dress all together and going for something streamlined and true to who they are. This includes jumpsuits and pantsuits.

5. Add a Touch of Fun to the Reception

Then there is the push to really liven the reception up and take it out of the traditional box that it typically resides in. There’s no need to have that stuffy over-the-top meal where everyone stays at their table and really doesn’t converse with other tables. Couples are embracing the trend of wedding games whole-heartedly as it creates a more engaging, fun, and immersive experience, not just for the bride and groom, but for all the guests as well.

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6. Outdoor Weddings – the Trending Venue of Choice

Living in Australia means you don’t have to look far to find a beautiful natural location to hold your wedding ceremony and reception, and this has really pushed the surge of couples looking to get married outdoors. Not only will you have nature as the backdrop, but again, it speaks to the minimalist approach. Couples can also save money on décor since you’ll be surrounded by natural scenery.

This is just a small look at the many trends that are sweeping the Australian wedding industry in 2021, giving you all kinds of fabulous ideas.

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