Turn special day into a dream Turn special day into a dream

Special occasions can be fun and a chance to connect with friends and family or they can be a real challenge. If a person wants a big party and decides to do all the cooking, decorating, serving, and clean up themselves, they will work hard and miss visiting with those special people they invited to the event. Consider planning the next event with a caterer doing the cooking? Enjoy the party and the people invited. There are at least 4 ways to make that special day into a dream.

1. Plan the Celebration

Plan the celebration type, guest list, venue, and invitation list first. The type of celebration will help the planning process. A party for a birthday is different than a wedding reception, or an anniversary party, or a child graduating from school. Each occasion involves traditional aspects and room for innovation.

Decide on a guest list. This list can be adjusted as the planning process advances. The cost of the venue and caterer might limit how many people can be invited. Once the guest list is done, decide whether it is necessary to hire a caterer. Small intimate gatherings are easier to cook for than a large party.

One choice is to have a celebration at a favorite restaurant. Booking one or two tables can be a simple way to celebrate with a small party. Larger parties and celebrations might require renting a private function room. The restaurant staff will do all the work.

Even small parties can benefit from having a little catering help. There are caterers who will deliver food to the home for the host or hostess to serve. A large party such as an anniversary celebration or a wedding reception will be more enjoyable if held in a larger venue with full catering services. Many catering services own or have a list of nice venues of different sizes and prices to rent.

2. Choose a Caterer In the New York Area

Make that special day more enjoyable by hiring a good caterer nearby to do the cooking and serving. Choose a caterer in the area by looking online or in the phone book for listings. Or, ask friends or coworkers who they use. When a list of caterers is compiled, check out their websites to see what services they offer. Look for delicious food catered at affordable prices.

Choose a caterer who will be easy to work with and who will help plan the event. Does the caterer have favorite venues for events that are affordable with good parking and the right size for this event? Does the caterer have a list of vendors they work with such as entertainers, florists, and photographers?

3. Choose A Theme and Color Scheme

Once the venue and caterer are locked in, plan the party around a theme and decide how formal or informal the event will be. Within that theme choose a color scheme to guide in the purchase of party favors, flowers, and other elements. Will there be entertainment? The invitations should follow the color scheme and party theme and list the parameters of the event.

4. Plan the Details in Advance

Finally, plan for good invitations and guest accommodations Consider things such as where guests from out of town will stay, parking, child supervision, safety rules for driving, drinking, smoking, and who will pay for what. If liquor will be available, who pays for each drink ordered? Plan for people to help with the party preparations. A well-planned party will be more enjoyable for everyone.

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