Ways To Prevent Or Stop Pest Infestation

Top 5 Ways to Prevent or Stop Pest Infestation

No matter how clean your home, there is always the possibility of a pest infestation starting. An infestation can cause significant issues in your house, including health issues and damage to the structure of your property. However, infestations can be caused by several factors.

If you have noted the signs of an infestation, make sure to get help from Nextgen Pest Solutions or a professional pest control service in your area to ensure that any pest infestations are thoroughly and quickly removed.

While prevention is always better than cure, we have listed a few methods of preventing an infestation and a few that will help rid your home of the common issue of pests.

1. Cleanliness and Storage

One sure way to avoid a pest infestation is to clean your home daily, the dishes are washed, and all garbage is kept to a minimum. Make sure that your dustbin is regularly emptied and cleaned. Ensure that your dirty dishes are washed daily and that all water spilled by the sink is wiped away. Giving your tables and surfaces a daily wipe down after cooking with an effective cleaning detergent to the aroma will keep pests away.

2. Storage and Cupboards

Keeping your storage area uncluttered and organized can prevent an infestation by preventing them from nesting. Pests need warmth and a dark place to reproduce. So making sure that your items are neatly stored and that no open spaces are available for problems to gather, keeping pest poison in corners or areas where this is unavoidable will also keep the problem pests at bay.

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3. Maintenance of the Home

Pests need food and warmth to survive. That leaking pipe that is causing a puddle of water can attract pests. Holes in the walls and floors are shelter and warmth for pests. Make sure to hire professionals to correctly repair any damaged or faulty household infrastructure to avoid any dampness or spaces where pests can nest. Household appliances are also places where pests can nest. A leaking washing machine can leave a puddle of water underneath it, and it’s not always visible until you see pests crawling out; make sure to do an appliance check when you can avoid leaks.

4. Removal of the Habitat

If you come across any pest, it’s best to remove the nest as well as its source of food. Putting certified poisons in the area will kill the pest, and this is usually done every two weeks as the eggs hatch after the poison has done its job as the poison doesn’t always effectively kill larvae.

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5. Plants

Certain plants can be used to repel pests, such as marigolds, lavender, and eucalyptus, to names some pest repelling plants. Putting these plants in pots around the house can repel pests. These plants can also be used in the garden to repel pests.

After all the effort put into avoiding pest infestations, it’s good to know that there are many cost-effective ways to keep pests out of your home that is both eco-friendly and easy to maintain but in the event of an infestation, seeks professional help.

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