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There are 183 million Instagram users posting photos every day. Are you one of them?

If so, that’s great! It’s an amazing way to connect with family and friends, see what they’re up to, and recap both your day and theirs. When you’re posting photos, though, you may notice that you’re not always happy when you look at your original photos.

While you’re posing, it’s possible to smile and look great! The key is learning how to smile for the camera in a way that you’ll love the results!

Check out these five easy tips to learn how you can look your best before you even press the shutter button!

1) Open your Mouth Slightly and Close your Eyes 

When you are taking a picture with someone, it is important to know how to smile for the camera so that the person taking the picture knows when to click it. First, open your mouth slightly and close your eyes. This will help you to avoid blinking and make you look more relaxed.

Creating a natural and relaxed smile also involves using your eyes. A great smile is not just about your mouth. Look into the camera and let your eyes convey warmth and happiness.

2) Proper Posture

If you want to take a great photo, you have to have good posture. This means that your back is straight, your shoulders are down, and your chin is up, you can also tilt it down slightly for other angles.

This lengthens your neck and makes your smile look more genuine. You should also be looking at the camera with a big smile on your face.

3) Have the Right Thoughts and Relax

When you’re having your picture taken, you think of how to get a better smile, it’s important to think happy thoughts so that you’ll appear relaxed and natural in the photo. It produces a real smile that reaches your eyes.

Relaxing your face can be a big help as well. If you’re tense, it will show in your smile. Relax your muscles and take a deep breath before smiling. Breathe in through your nose and smile at the same time to get a natural smile.

4) Flash those Pearly Whites

A lot of people don’t know how to smile with teeth. A big, toothy grin may not be the most flattering look for everyone, but it will get you noticed. The first step to getting a good one is ensuring you have good dental hygiene.

If you’re self-conscious about your teeth, there are many ways you can improve your smile, one of them being Invisalign. Invisalign will help to straighten and close the gaps between your teeth. You might be wondering “Is Invisalign worth it?”, but if you’re not confident enough to take a picture of your pearly whites, it wouldn’t hurt to check out our site and find out. 

5) Shape your Lips 

Curling your lips into a genuine smile will instantly make your photo more attractive. Inside your mouth, you can put your tongue behind your teeth. This gives you a more polished look and helps you avoid a forced smile.

Smile for the Camera for a Great Shot 

Now that you know five different ways to smile for the camera, put them into practice the next time you’re taking pictures. You’ll be sure to get a great shot every time.

If you need help with improving a key element in your attempts to get a great picture, like the appearance of your teeth or your dental hygiene, contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist!

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