Make Your Lifestyle Look More Expensive

8 Ways to Make Your Lifestyle Look More Expensive

Every homemaker surely loves inviting people home – make the gathering Insta-worthy and snap really cool pics. And when guests throw in beautiful comments about your décor and home, who wouldn’t be pleased? It feels you’re on the 9th cloud, and all your creative efforts have been realized at the end of the day.

Are you also a homemaker in a fix, not knowing where to begin and make your + your home look presentable and expensive? Then, I know exactly what kind of tips you can use.

8 Tips For You To Follow And Upgrade Your Normal Lifestyle To One That’s Expensive!

1. Choose a theme for your décor:

The best way to make your lifestyle look hip, costly, and expensive is by picking a theme. For that, use the 60-30-10 percent golden rule in the décor industry. Use 60 percent of a dominant color. 30 percent color should pertain to the texture as a secondary color. And 10 percent should help accentuate the interior as an accent.

2. Bring in more antique pieces of furniture and wallpaper:

When you adorn the interiors with an antique look and feel, it automatically looks quite expensive. But it doesn’t mean you have to buy costly stuff to redesign your interior. You can simply shop online for wallpaper that is removable and cheap antique pieces.

This is best to save your budget and yet let your living and bedroom boost an expensive and rich look.

3. Include ottoman and other designer patterns:

When the budget isn’t the bump of the road for an interior décor makeup, go for the ottoman-designed furniture. Or look for those pieces of furniture which have fine patterns, curves, and colors.

These new designs and shapes can increase the influential value of your otherwise bland and mundane living room or bedroom.

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4. Make sure you dress up nicely for every occasion:

To amplify your lifestyle, you need to don that personality. Follow the top influencers in your social circle or find them online. Check out their clothing and accessories. Check out the events, parties, and people they hang around with. Know why they are so influential and how they have risen above the middle-class income level.

Then evaluate if you can adopt some of their lifestyle habits as well – beginning from your dressing sense.

5. Host and attend social networking events:

One of the fascinating traits of people with rich and luxurious lifestyles is this one. You have to either be the host or be the attendee. But keep yourself in the limelight and start networking with people who can help you upgrade the lifestyle you want.

Invite people home. See what they want to talk about to you at the one-on-one level and in group dynamics. Then attend their social networking events in return. See how they are hosting parties different from yours. And then check if you can upgrade your level with each event or not.

6. Use smarter lighting indoors:

One way to make your current lifestyle better and richer is by using smart lighting. That’s because saving energy and electricity is the new trend.

So, when you invite people next, they will pay attention to how uniquely and smartly you use the lighting at home. The unique patterns of smart light tubes and switchboards definitely work in your favor to influence others.

7. Use smarter gadgets and technology at home:

People are using robotic vacuum cleaners and Alexa’s assistant for connecting all Wi-Fi devices in their homes. You can use similar or unique smart devices like rotatable chairs, reclines, or trendy and sleek removable wallpapers. Show your guests around what changes you have made in your lifestyle off-late and how it’s creating a positive impact on you and your family.

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8. Make sure your floorboards are creative and modern:

Flooring design matters to influence the first step anyone takes in your house. It should be sleek, proper, free from dust/stains/scratch marks and similar issues. The flooring must match the kind of wallpapers and furniture you use.

You can also use modern and contrasting wallpapers to highlight the newly installed or revamped flooring.

There are other options like using rich and soft rugs near the sofa. The guests would definitely notice it. And make sure whatever floorboard styling and coloring you choose, it matches the background color. If that combination doesn’t, there’s always a temporary wallpaper to count onto.

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