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Did you know that the environment in which you live, work, or socialize has the power to affect your mood, behavior, and outlook? There is a scientific discipline called environmental psychology, that supports this idea. While larger environments like nature reserves or the state you reside in can impact your daily life, your personal sanctuary must be considered.

Where do you come to find peace or inspiration? Where do you like to kick up your feet after a long day? Home!

Creating a home environment that improves your mood, behavior, and outlook takes careful consideration. That’s why you need to evaluate types of interior design styles. Choosing the right design can transform your home and help to create a place you love. 

But, if your home lacks inspiration or just doesn’t feel like you, read on. This is the ultimate guide to choosing home interior design styles you will quickly fall in love with. 

Study Your Style Habits 

Different interior design styles can feel overwhelming. How can you put together a design scheme or choose what you like among so many options? If you don’t have a clue where to begin the interior design process, look inward.

Everyone has a distinct style or taste. Maybe you love certain colors or patterns. Or, you may prefer clean and straight lines which lend to a more modern look. 

Next time you visit the furniture store or go shopping, take note of the decor or styles you are automatically attracted to. Buy home decor magazines and fold over the pages that catch your eye. At the end of these activities, you will have a better handle on what interior design style you prefer.   

Look at What You Have 

You may be designing a space from scratch or need to use existing design pieces. In this case, look at what you have for inspiration.

For example, you may have heirloom pieces you love. What do you find attractive about these pieces? 

Go in Your Closet 

Personal style is one of the most natural ways to determine interior style. Personal style reveals a lot about your likes, dislikes, and tendencies.

For example, is your closet bohemian-inspired? Do you prefer preppy pastels? If these styles speak to your personal taste, then incorporate them into your interior design!  

Choose Your Interior Design Identity 

Now that you have studied style habits, you can become clear on which direction to take. While there are countless interior design styles, here are some popular ideas to incorporate in your home. Keep in mind, many of these styles can be mixed or adapted to your own look.

Farmhouse Styles 

Farmhouse styles are one of the most current and popular home interior trends. The style is all about natural woods, white-washed tones, cremes, and neutral colors. Farmhouse style is perfect for someone who appreciates comfort, relaxed living, and no-fuss decor.

For example, a large family could use a farmhouse-style long dining table for daily meals. Or, if you own a country house, a relaxed linen sofa and calming greenery can match the surroundings.

Farmhouse style offers iconic design looks. For example, fireclay farmhouse sinks are beautiful and functional. These sinks scream farmhouse chic and can elevate your kitchen design. 

Modern Interior Design Styles

When you think of modern interior design styles, what comes to mind? Perhaps stainless steel, glass finishes, and bright lightning? While these are typical design traits, modern style goes beyond.

For example, one of the most popular modern styles is midcentury design. Calling on decades gone by, midcentury mixes modern design elements like clean-lined furniture with rich accents like walnut wood. If you tend to like straightforward design and prefer less clutter, choosing a modern style can create the space you love. 

Urban Modern Interior Design 

How is urban modern interior design different than traditional modern design? Urban modern design has a unique “street edge.” Think of brick-wall exposed lofts in New York City or ultra-modern skyscraper apartments.

Urban modern design uses typical modern finishes but on a smaller scale. This design is all about smartly used spaces and pieces with dual-functionality.

This design style can feel a little warmer and more inviting than a strictly modern design. Textural elements like a building’s original doorframes, exposed walls, or kitchen cabinetry can make the space feel inviting yet sophisticated. 

Bohemian Style Interior Design 

Bohemian style is a riot of pattern, texture, color, and layering techniques. If you are drawn to vintage-flair and global elements, then bohemian style could be the perfect interior look for your home.

The easy thing about bohemian design is that you can mix and match multiple elements. This can help with the budget and shopping for decor. When it comes to perfecting bohemian style, the key is to achieve a collected look.

One-stop shopping doesn’t work with this decor. If you have traveled the world and collected unique pieces or love antiquing on weekends, use that to your style advantage when decorating. 

Transitional Design Styles 

Can’t decide between styles? Do you find yourself attracted to modern finishes but love bohemian textiles? Consider traditional design.

This design style effortlessly blends modern traditional design with modern finishes. For example, a traditional wood dining buffet could be paired with modern sculptures. 

There Are Many Types of Interior Design Styles But Remember to Choose What You Love 

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the many types of interior design styles. These are just some ideas to launch your design inspiration and create a space you love.

Remember to first study your style habits. Looking at decor you already own or clothing that hangs in your closet can reveal a lot about your personal design style and preferences.

If you crave a cozy and homey space, farmhouse decor can create the design scheme you have dreamed of. For clean lines and limited clutter, a modern or urban modern design scheme would work. But if you prefer color, texture, and a collected look, go bohemian.

And, if you still can’t decide which design style is your favorite, consider a transitional look. This interior design idea blends multiples styles. If you found these interior design tips helpful, check out our other home decor stories. 




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