What Is the Best Way to Position Fans to Cool a Warm House?

With radical environmental changes and changes in air currents, most people find themselves in need of a fan to shield them from the uncomfortable warmth. Fans come in different shapes and sizes and have different features. Some are static and only rotate facing one direction while others swirl around creating an even temperature. It is therefore wise to choose a fan that will suit your desires. It is also more affordable to buy one that is customized to suit you rather than one with a million features that you might never use.

Many people are at a crossroads when it comes to deciding whether they should go for an  evaporative cooler vs. air conditioning or a fan. To settle this, it is best to understand that the function of a fan is not to cool the room but to create circulation. This means that a fan is more specific to an individual. Its purpose is to cool the body by circulating cold air into a room. For maximum effectiveness, here are a few tips on how to place your fan for the coolest room in hot weather;

Keep in an open airway

Ensure the air passage between where you place the fan and the desired cool area is not blocked. Most people do not realize that air will be blocked by objects in its way. It is also insightful to ensure there are no activities between the fans area and where the cool air is directed as it is likely not to reach the required destination. Therefore your choice placement of the fan is dependent on the house’s arrangement and décor. Ensure also that the fan does not cause tripping hazards through its wires by placing it at a good point that is not used a lot.

Use the cold zones

The effectiveness of fun is based on the principles of cold and hot air. That is hot air rises while cold air drops because of density. Cold air is denser. In order to maximize the coolness of the room, do not focus on bringing hot air down but raising the cold air from the ground. It is also important to realize that you want to cool your body and not the entire room. Place the fan closer to the cold zone so it circulates the cold air to your body easily. In this way, you get cool air before the room.

Put it in a window

For an automatic fan, it is important to place it in ventilation as it works under the concepts of an air conditioner. It is, therefore, able to reduce warm air inside a room by channelling it inside while bringing in cold air from outside. Similarly placing a fan in a window increases aeration and brings in a lot of cool air to your warm room. It is however very important to ensure that it is saved for people passing under your window so as to avoid legal actions against you.


As confirmed by a few HVAC Experts , fans should be placed depending on what is cooler, the inside of a room the outside. If the room is cooler than the outside, the fan should be directed outside for maximum services. Fans are better however for cooling a body through circulating air at a single point focus than at rooms. Placement of a fan is of vital importance in the cooling of a room. As proven above, placing the fan at a blocked path will reduce the effectiveness in supplying cold air. In an office setting, the fan should be placed where little movement takes place. A high point is, therefore, most preferable.

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