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If you’re moving to a new home and you want to bring your memory foam bed with you, you might run into a few challenges. Mattresses aren’t all that easy to transport.

However, you’ve likely heard of mattresses that are delivered in boxes. These beds are compressed for easy delivery.

What you might not be aware of is that you can actually do it on your own too. You can vacuum seal a mattress in order to make it easier to transport and keep it safe from dirt as you take it to your new bedroom.

Before we start, you should know that it’s possible to damage the memory foam bed by compressing it yourself. Mattress companies have specialized equipment that they use to apply a lot of pressure to the bed so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Using a compression method on your own might compromise the support of the bed. This will leave you with a mattress that won’t fill up back to its complete shape or a mattress with a lot of bumps and lumps.

However, if you’ve decided that compressing your mattress is a good option, then keep on reading for more!

Gather Your Materials

In order to compress your mattress on your own, there are a few things that you’re going to need. Let’s look at each of those items below and what they do for the job at hand.

Plastic Mattress Bag

You can get a good mattress bag from storage facilities or on the internet. You’ll want a sealable, airtight, heavy-duty mattress bag.

Make sure that you get the right size so that it’s not too small or too big.

Ratchet Straps

The ratchet straps will help the bed stay compressed after you’ve flattened it and rolled it. You’ll need around three or four ratchet straps. You’re going to want two on the ends and at least one around the middle of the mattress.

The bigger the mattress is, the more ratchet straps you’re going to need.

You might want to use padding from cloths and put them between the mattress bag and the ratchet straps. A ratchet strap can cut into the bag as you make it tighter. Especially if the bag is made of cheap and thin material.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is great because you can strengthen the seel and attach the valve for compression. The duct tape can reinforce the seams of the mattress bag and make sure that it doesn’t leak or tear.

While it’s recommended that you use duct tape because it’s a heavy-duty tape, you can also use packing tape if that’s all you have in your house.

Vacuum Seal Bag

You can find vacuum seal bags in all kinds of sizes to compress bedding, clothing, and much more. A small vacuum bag should do the trick. This is because you really only need the bag for its valve.

Just make sure that the valve is going to fit to whichever vacuum you decide to use.

Vacuum Cleaner

A shop vac or a regular house vacuum cleaner should be strong enough to suck the air out of the bag. For a more powerful vacuum system, you can check out specialized stores like Douglas Electrical.

How to Compress Your Mattress

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is prepare the bed for compression. Do this by removing all of the bedding.

Then, slide the mattress into the plastic bag. This is going to be a lot easier if you have another person help you. However, you can also do it by yourself.

Begin from one end of the mattress, lift it a few inches off the ground, and slide it slowly into the mattress bag. Zip the bag closed and use duct tape strips to reinforce the seal. Now, move the mattress to the floor.

Cut the valve out of the vacuum bag. Leave enough plastic around the valve so that you can secure it with the duct tape. Cut a small hole into the bag so that you can push the valve through it.

Slide the valve into the bag and pull it through the hole. Now, tape the hole up so that it’s airtight.

Attach the hose of the vacuum to the valve. Turn the vacuum cleaner on and watch as your mattress and the bag start to compress. You can make it compress faster by walking on the bed.

After the mattress is flat, start to roll it up from one end to the other. Keep the vacuum running while you do this.

After you’ve rolled up your mattress, wrap the ratchet straps around it and crank until they’re tight. You want to slide some cloth pads between the bed and the straps so they’re no tearing.

After you roll it up and secure it, keep your mattress flat on the ground. Slide it into a box if you have one and seal the box up.

The Importance of Knowing How to Vacuum Seal a Mattress Made From Memory Foam at Home

Moving your mattress to a new home might seem like a real pain. But you shouldn’t have to buy a new mattress when you’re current one is doing fine. By knowing how to vacuum seal a mattress, you can now take your bed wherever you want and have a much easier time doing it.

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