Using Math Apps to Increase Understanding

Learners nowadays are actively using their handheld mobile devices for various purposes. Whether it is to search a new topic, watch a lecture video or to learn a new skill. From the consumption of the content to the creation of it, mobile devices are used very actively by students all over the world. Some of the math concepts like Geometry, Circles etc. could be easily understood by visualization of the concepts. This could change their view of how to solve a problem every time they come across the concept.

These mobile devices could be easily carried anywhere and learners can study according to their convenience. Let us see how these apps are helping students increase their understanding of the concepts in math.

Interactive Content

Using games, quizzes and puzzles for math have made these applications more interactive to use and keeps them involved in studies. Keeping these games time constraint, makes the learners solve the problems quickly and in an effective manner. Students explore the relationships between numbers as they represent each operation with virtual manipulatives. These applications are able to provide space to build a foundation to make Maths meaningful for students.

Easily Understandable

With the new technologies being brought into use to create the content, big blackboard lectures on a particular topic are being converted into small videos which keep the learners involved in the topic. Simple two-dimensional diagrams are being converted into 3D images which help the students to have real images in their mind. For example, if we talk about a problem on conics or cuboid; these concepts are very difficult to imagine, and if 2D diagrams are used for understanding, it is left to the student’s imagination on how well he has understood the concept but if he watches the same problem using 3D techniques, it will be quite effective and there will be a complete understanding of the concept.

Solve Problems Just by Clicking Pictures

Due to machine learning and advanced processing power of chipsets, these maths applications have developed an advanced AI feature which enables them to scan an equation, graph or picture and processes it to give correct results. These apps have helped the students to solve their doubts, which otherwise would require special guidance from a teacher and also helped the learners to save their time.

Higher Retention and Better Completion Rates

The size of the content presented on a mobile platform is precise and bite-sized. It enables the students to finish their chapters easily and in a better-structured way. Students can remember chapters for more time when they have a visual representation of the concept and it will also help to proceed to the next chapter faster.

Collaborative support

These applications bring learners to a common platform where they are able to discuss their topics and ask doubts to teachers directly using the mobile.

Flexibility to Learn

Students can study their lessons anytime and anywhere. Flexibility in mobile learning also involves the use of podcasts, videos and various other multimedia tools on a smartphone.

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