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Are you dying to travel again? As we all get vaccinated and start to adjust to our new normal, people are starting to resume exploring the world.

If you can’t put up with your wanderlust any longer and need a trip to look forward to, why not plan a get-together with a big group at a fun location?

We’ve put together a guide for the best vacation destinations for large groups that will inspire you to explore below.

Napa and Sonoma

While France has the fame and fortune of being one of the world’s best wine regions, California is the US’s claim to vineyard fame. Some would even say that California wines rival French ones, at least they do in the movie Bottleshock.

You can find these idyllic wine-producing towns in Northern California, only about an hour and a half from San Fransisco. There is a host of large-group-friendly Airbnbs in the area, and reservations for wine tastings are easy to make.

If you have time, plan a day trip into San Fransisco – it’ll be cheaper than trying to stay there! If you need more activity suggestions, Large Group Vacation Planning professionals are on call to help.


Are you planning a large group vacation for someone’s bachelorette or divorce party? Nashville is the new Vegas in that regard. It’s more laid back and affordable than sin city, but just as fun.

There are bachelorette-themed Airbnb’s just for this purpose – you won’t believe the photo ops. It’s one of the top vacation destinations for 2022. 


Are you looking for another unexpected location to take a group of people? Austin’s country charm and cowboy glam is putting them on the map for long weekend getaways. Need proof? The cast of Queer Eye chose Austin for their last season.

If it’s good enough for the Fab Five, it’s good enough for your large group! You’ll find everything from cultural landmarks, like line dancing spots, to outdoor activities (kayaking the river) to bar crawls in A-town.

It’s also a big Southwest Airlines hub, so flights are cheap. What a bonus!


Are you trying to get a little farther from home? London, England, is an excellent place for groups. Everything to do there happens in tour groups, so you can make reservations for a large group vacation ahead.

Be sure to pack some rain gear, though, as it’s known to rain a lot no matter the season.

While we feel bad saying this, the country is still in some turmoil from Brexit, which benefits Americans in terms of the exchange rate.


If you’re looking for a party destination that’s overseas and not too far (like spots in Asia), you’ll love Ibiza. The island off Spain is known for its seaside clubs, night scenes, and gorgeous beaches you can access during the day.

Our advice? Find an all-inclusive resort and then venture out to a few different clubs. Oh – and it’s pronounced eye-beeth-ah by the people who know.

Fun Vacation Destinations for Large Groups

It’s time to take your life off the back burner and reunite with the people you love the most. Since your travel budget has been sitting dormant for a while, why not meet up at one of the above vacation destinations for large groups? Be sure to take lots of pictures – we can’t wait to see them!

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