Road trip through tennessee Road trip through tennessee

Are you planning to drive across the volunteer state of Tennessee? It’s a good idea!

Tennessee, a landlocked state in the south of the United States, is known for hosting a myriad of travelers from all over the world. Its borders surround some of the best attractions, nature’s scenic vistas, and historical landmarks. Other treasures like Nashville, the heart of the country music scene, Tennessee hot chicken, the Great Smokey Mountains, wineries, and Elvis’s Graceland attract foodies, history enthusiasts, whiskey lovers, and music admirers from every corner of the US. The state has got a lot of quirky cool stuff to offer.

So, are you ready to hit the road? Read through the following guide to ensure you add all the spots worth visiting to your bucket list and avoid any regrets later.

1. Step into Gatlinburg

The Mountains are calling! Gatlinburg, located in the east of Tennessee, is the gateway to the scenic Great Smokey Mountains. Whether traveling with your friends or family, a trip to this picturesque town will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being one of America’s top-ranked outdoor destinations, Gatlinburg has plenty of attractions, like museums and thrilling amusement parks. Besides hiking on mountain tops and ice skating, there are plenty of amazing things to do in Gatlinburg for adventure freaks. For example, you can ride through the treetops of the Rowdy Bear Mountain in a mountain glider or wind through its woods in a gravity-propelled alpine mountain coaster.

You can also satisfy your adventure cravings by further visiting the neighboring town of Pigeon Forge and riding the first of its kind Laser gun coaster or enjoy a gravity-free ride in a power coaster. And if not that, visit the numerous bars at night and enjoy live country music as you dine on some fabulous meals and wine.

2. Drive to the music city of Nashville

Your road trip would be incomplete without a stop in Nashville, locally known as the Music City. With a vast and rich history in music, Nashville attracts music enthusiasts from far and wide. The city’s streets, flooded with live music venues and music shops, keep pouring sweet melodies and instrumental tunes into the ears of every passerby. You can keep your journey lively by jamming along with the locals and dancing to live music.

Apart from music, Nashville offers a lot of more fun activities to fill your time. You can visit museums like the Tennessee State Museum to develop an insight into the state’s history or visit the Parthenon, the pinnacle of classical architecture. Also, visit the city’s pretty parks to unwind from all the driving. Whether you like country music or not, Nashville is the best spot to jam out on your Tennessee road trip.

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3. Visit Cummins Falls State Park

After an hour and twenty minutes drive from Nashville, you will reach your next stop, the Cummins Falls State Park. It is an idyllic but rugged, day-use park featuring a splendid 75-foot high waterfall and a swimming hole at its base. Although you can view the waterfall from a lookout, the essence of the experience lies in hiking through the rocky and rugged gorge where the water hits the ground. Before you start your hike, there are certain things you must know. These are:

  • Gorge access permits are only available online and are mandatory to enter the gorge or reach the base
  • Trails and the rocky area of the waterfall and gorge are slippery, so wear sturdy shoes
  • Check the weather while planning your visit, as heavy rainfall can lead to potentially dangerous flash floods

4. Check out Memphis

The next stop on your map is the city of Memphis, situated on the Mississippi River, filled with Southern charm and radiance. Memphis won’t let you escape with all the fun things, lit music, and savory food spots that it offers. Foodies can quickly curb their cravings, history maniacs can stop by the Victorian Village Historic District or the Pink Palace Museum, and families can make their way into some of the parks. You can also stroll through the historic downtown and explore the House of the Blues. Experience the gleaming nightlife where neon lights fill the atmosphere, and the music in bars cranks up. Don’t forget to visit shops and restaurants lined along the iconic Beale Street.

5. Head to Chattanooga

Chattanooga, the fourth largest city in Tennessee, is one of the best places to stay. It lies close to many nature gateways like the country’s most famous military parks, the largest underground waterfall in the US, and the Lookout Mountain. A must-see place in this city is the Ruby waterfall located inside the Lookout Mountain, which attracts heaps of visitors annually. The contemporary art, history, museums, especially the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, the Tennessee riverfront, and distinctive architecture make this city worth visiting. Chattanooga is also famous for having the world’s steepest incline railway called the lookout Mountain inline railway, so do check it out.

6. Getaway in the Smokey Mountains

With forests spread over acres of area and wondrous diversity of plant and animal life, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is America’s most visited national park. The rolling hills and blue hues provide the park with an unparalleled beauty that makes it a must-see on any Southern road trip. A visit in autumn is even more fascinating as the orange, yellow, and red hues add to the beauty of the forests. The easiest way is to ride through the mountains on well-maintained roads in the luxury of your car. You can also take a scenic hike or enjoy a horseback ride to explore the scenic vistas and majestic landscapes. Also, don’t forget to greet the bears on your way.

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Tennessee is a state where you can find everything from music, art, history, and nature’s wonders packed in a southern charm. In short, whenever you think about a road trip, Tennessee must be on the top of your list. Whether you plan a weekend gateway or an extended vacation, the itinerary provided in this article will help you make the most of your road trip. The scenic spots and attractions listed before will ensure that you drive back home with a big smile and plenty of don memories to last a lifetime. Don’t forget to have your car checked by a mechanic before you head out, though.

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