Household robotics – yay or nay Household robotics – yay or nay

To be honest, the idea of household robotics never really fascinated me. For me, having humans around me was sufficient enough. However, due to increasing household needs and to stay relevant in my society, I bought one too.

It was a Roomba vacuum cleaner. Visually, it was nothing big than a shoe box. A sturdy, strong box, with God knows how much space to store all my carpet’s dirt.

As much as I hate to admit, I really liked the bot after it proved me wrong. Moreover, that cleaner bot paved the way for more bots to make an entry into my house.

As of now, there are 8 bots, along with my wife and a two-year-old kid in my house.

So, are you interested in buying one? Or many? Or you want to see if they’re helpful first, right?

I’m going to tell you about some of the household bots I’ve used till now, some are still in use, while some are out of order. Nevertheless, these bots are no short of a helping hand in house chores.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Mopping Robots:

Mopping the floor has never been a favorite for my wife or me. So, to save ourselves from mopping the floor ever again, I bought a mopping robot, specifically designed for the purpose. Using it was nothing short of an entertaining task. Watching it pressing against the floor with hard work and dedication elevated its value in my heart.

Along with the cleaning, this robot was intelligent enough to find the missing spots. Plus, it even knew if something was in its way. Automatically, it would change its route in such situations.

All I had to do was ensure there was enough cleaning detergent in the bot before putting it to work.

However, there’s one more thing you’ll need to take care of and that’s a quality internet connection. Without a sturdy internet connection, chances are high that your bot may lag, shiver, or get stuck at some point.

Moreover, sensors to detect the missing spots and avoid obstacles may not work properly, given the weak internet connection.

2. Window Cleaning Robots:

Window-cleaning robots may be the most productive bots ever made.


Well, if you don’t pay attention to them, they may stick to one window for eternity.

Window-cleaning bots may find it difficult to hop from one window to another. For this reason, it becomes a gruesome task to keep observing the bot when it’s on the cleaning spree. Once done with a window, you have to place it in another window, turn it on, and see the magic again.

3. Security Robots:

Unlike most robots, security robots are sensors, etched around your house. Security sensors can be displaced on the roof, in rooms, on the front door, kitchen, or any place where you see fit.

When placed, these sensors can detect unusual motion and recognize facial patterns. In addition, security sensors are also equipped with smoke and fire detectors.

Most people who aren’t fond of bots, may find security bots useful. Because security bots take up negligible space and, you don’t have to see them often.

4. Lawn Mowing Robots:

The latest addition to my robotic family was a lawn mower. Seeing its advantages at a friend’s house, I was more than tempted to buy such a thing.

Grass, plants, flowers, patios, weeds, or more, it can cut down anything that comes in its way. Moreover, with custom settings, you can guide the bot not to take down plants with it and just stick to cutting down the grass.

Plus, you don’t have to keep a check on it while it works. Once started and instructed, you don’t have to go and check it often, as these bots are intelligent enough to comprehend what they have to do.

5. Grill Cleaning Robots:

Grill-cleaning robots don’t look like robots at first sight. However, with a close inspection, one can easily find how useful these bots are.

While partying in the backyard, the thought of cleaning the grills doesn’t cross anyone’s mind. Only after eating BBQ to the full, we’re left with grills and stoves, that need to be cleaned thoroughly.

However, with a grill cleaning bot, you don’t have to worry anymore. Simply remove the grills from the stove, put them inside the bot, let it clean for a few minutes, and voila, it’ll shine.

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Bottom Line:

Household bots don’t get tired, and that’s the best thing about them. One may see them as intruders, like I did. However, when you’ll see the advantages of household bots, you’ll make them a part of your family. Therefore, check out which bot complements you and get it as soon as you can.

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