Factors before accepting the settlement Factors before accepting the settlement

When a serious traffic accident occurs, victims can be left behind with major injuries that sometimes cause a lifetime of pain. Injured victims need to consider some important factors before accepting the settlement, that could affect their decision.

Traffic Accident’s Serious Injuries Often Require Legal Help

When someone has suffered serious injuries as a result of another driver’s negligence, they may need help from an accident attorney. A simple consultation appointment can reveal information on the injured party’s rights and the laws that govern personal injuries in their state.

Before signing any settlement agreement, it is wise to have an attorney review the offer. Once the settlement agreement has been signed, the injured party can no longer pursue the matter.

4 Factors to Consider Before Signing for Traffic Accident

Many insurance adjusters will attempt to rush the process of settlement. This is done in hopes the injured party will accept a low offer. The following should be considered before a person signs any settlement offer.

  1. It is imperative an injured person does not accept a settlement until they have been released from their doctor or the doctor has confirmed their condition will not improve. Once the settlement has been signed, the injured party can no longer seek compensation even if their condition worsens or they discover new injuries.
  2. Are you sure this is the best offer from the insurance company? Many insurance adjusters will start off with a low offer. It is your right to negotiate and ensure you are getting the fairest price possible. Getting help from an attorney is sometimes the only way to hold an insurance company accountable for what they owe.
  3. Make sure the car accident settlement offer covers all your medical needs and car repairs. If the settlement does not cover all the suffered damages, refuse to sign and seek help from your attorney immediately. You do not have to accept an unfair offer.
  4. Before signing, make sure there are no other parties that may be held responsible for the accident. Sometimes, there is more than one defendant who can be sought in a car accident case, and it is important to pursue everyone who played a role in causing the accident and resulting damages.

Know the Statute of Traffic Accident Limitations

Each state has its own statute of limitations for car accident claims. The average time a person is given to file a lawsuit is around two years, from the date of their accident. Some states are more generous than others, and it is important you know your state’s laws. Waiting too long to file a lawsuit could lead to you terminating your rights to compensation.


If you have suffered serious injuries in a car accident, there are certain rights afforded to you under the law. One of these rights is being able to seek fair compensation for your measurable damages.

Seeking a consultation appointment with an attorney before signing is prudent. Gaining advice on the fairness of the settlement offer will allow you to make the right decision.

A settlement release is legally binding and, once it is signed, you are signing away your rights to seek further compensation now or in the future. Be sure you are making the right decision by carefully reviewing the options and getting legal help before signing. Taking this time to review the documents and offer will help avoid making a decision you regret later.

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