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The internet’s awash with websites these days. Heck, the latest figures suggest there are over 2 billion of them currently online!

This makes life ten times harder if you’re a web developer. With so much, anything you create must be first-class if it’s going to stand out and succeed.

Thankfully, there’s now a plethora of tools used for web development that simplify this daunting task. Want to learn about the best ones at your disposal? Keep reading for 4 of the best tools for web developers to use in 2022.

1. Angular.JS

Whether you’re doing web development for a small business or a large one, Angular.JS is well worth checking out. Open source and free to use, it boasts an array of useful features that enable the expression of behavior in a clean and readable format.

These include Data Binding to eliminate DOM manipulation, Plain JavaScript, and Controller, as well as Deep Linking, and Server Communication (among many others!). Testability is built-in too, which is vital for attaining the desired result.

2. Sass

Another tool for web developers that’s free to use, Sass promotes itself as “CSS with superpowers”. Expect a professional-level CSS extension that’s both mature and stable to work with.

Boasting an impressive community to call upon for help, Sass also supports an array of inheritances and boasts valuable features such as Nesting, Loops, and Variables. Aside from the built-in functions, you’re also able to build your own functions. Finally, this impressive tool enables developers to share designs both within and across any projects they embark upon.

3. IronXL

Want to read, generate, and edit Excel data from XLS and XLSX docs without using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel? How about write Excel file in C#? Look no further than IronXL.

An Excel Library for C# and .Net, it’s a fast and natural solution with a host of invaluable library features. Even better, with the free 30-day trial, you can give IronXL a try at no financial risk. After that, you’ll pay a competitively-priced set fee for a license that includes a free year of updates and support.

4. Chrome Developer Tools

No list of the best tools for web development would be complete without Google’s all-popular in-built Chrome Developer Tools. Available in Safari and Chrome, it allows you to access the internals of your web application.

You can edit CSS and HTML in real-time, debug JavaScript, and see a rundown of your site’s performance all from the same intuitive interface Beyond those benefits, there are also a bunch of network tools for optimizing loading flows and a useful timeline for tracking what the browser’s doing on a moment-to-moment basis.

Time to Try These Tools for Web Developers

The best tools for web developers provide a lifeline in an industry that’s becoming increasingly competitive. Have you been searching for the tools to invest in this year? Well, we hope the suggestions in this article will help!

Whether you try one or all of them, you’re sure to reap the rewards. To read more in-depth articles on this topic and others like it, stick around and browse through our blog today.

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