Top destinations for a winter vacation Top destinations for a winter vacation

Winter getaways are full of surprises, filled with fun and overflowing with good moods. The season delights you with the feeling of the beauty of nature covered with crunchy snow and miraculous ice. At this frigid time, you have opportunities to spend the vacation in infinite ways, such as going to a ski-retreat, skating on a glistering rink, having an exciting adventure, ice fishing, traveling and the like along with roaring fireplace, a cozy blanket and a hot cup of tea.

If you are not fond of cold weather and activities, that is why you desire to obtain more warmth then there is a chance to spend winter holidays on a beach or visiting mild-weather and sunny places. Whatever you are looking for, the following destinations suit even the most fastidious holidaymakers’ tastes.

Top 9 Destinations for a Winter Vacation

1. Antarctica

Winter is a season of Antarctic summer, when the sun shines 20 hours per day, melting dauntlessly thick ice. It is the best time to visit this almost untouched continent. The most popular ways to reach Antarctica are by a cruise ship or having a yacht voyage (https://ragnaryacht.com/ragnar-about/). The mainland shows its guests breathtaking wildlife covered with snow, vast ice shelves and pristine sea.

You can also watch whales and seals, and visit penguin colonies. In Antarctica, besides taking photographs there are chances to experience kayaking, while enjoying landscapes, to do scuba diving and to see icebergs underwater. You may climb an Antarctica peak, skate, ski, and do camping and trekking. Spending winter vacation in the splendidly harsh world of ice makes your getaway unforgettable and marvelous. 

2. Lapland, Finland

Finnish Lapland is a priceless gem of winter holidays that is the northernmost region of the country. This place perfectly represents a fairytale about the snowy and frozen season. It is impossible not to visit well-known Santa Claus Village, where you may drive a snowmobile, visit a museum about the history of these machines and, of course, meet Santa Claus at his office. There are also opportunities to see magical aurora borealis and to take a ride with huskies and on a reindeer sleigh. The destination is adorning winter vacations with an authentic and festive mood.

3. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is located at the base of the country’s highest peak that is why the municipality is well known as a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. There are plenty of activities, like skiing, skating, snowboarding, hiking, hockey, tobogganing and paragliding. So be sure you won’t get bored during your vacation.

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4. Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky is a small mountain town in the southwest of Montana. You might visit renowned Yellowstone National Park, enjoy abundant wildlife, experience winter fly-fishing and endless activities from skiing to snowmobiling. Moreover, you may catch some fabulous events like Christmas Stroll, Ski Joring, Shedhorn Ski Mo and so on. It would be a huge loss not to spend a winter getaway in such an adorable place.

5. Nagano, Japan

Nagano is the island nation for a ski adventure. Reasons to go to the city during a snow season, besides going snowshoeing and skiing, are to taste delicious mountain cuisine, to participate in festivals, to visit Matsumoto Castle, to observe snow monkeys bathing at Jigokudani and to indulge in onsen (a hot spring). The trip will make you want to visit this place many more times.

6. British Virgin Islands

For those, who don’t like cold weather, the British Virgin Islands (consists of more that 60 islands), where the temperature during winter is approximately 72-82°F, would be the best destination to spend a holiday. In the BVI you may go water-skiing, snorkel, sail, explore a range of National Parks and relax at a luxury resort.

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7. Mauritius

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean, where you can enjoy tropical breaks. It is the best location for people who are into Kitesurfing. You definitely should experience breathtaking scenery, in particular “underwater waterfall”, which photos overwhelmed Instagram.

8. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the second largest city in SA. You may visit an exceptional beauty of the Table Mountain, the Cape Point, which is loaded with lush greenery. Moreover, it is a growing season in winelands. There is a 5-hours flight from Cape Town to Mauritius, so it would be a great possibility to visit both locations during your winter vacation.

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9. Hanoi, Vietnam

People usually celebrate New Year on January 1, according to the Gregorian calendar, yet in some of Asian countries the event occurs between January and February, and it is called the Lunar (Chinese) New Year. Therefore, there is an incredible prospect to celebrate the holiday a second time. Moreover, in February citizens have an event – the Perfume Pagoda Festival, which is a Buddhist pilgrimage. This is an exceptional opportunity to get to know more about the religion.

In addition, if you visit this amazing country, you must not miss chances to watch the famous water puppet show and to taste its famous food, like a bowl of pho (kind of noodle soup), banh chung (rice cake, cooked specially for the Lunar New Year) etc..  

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