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Everyone wants to learn how to conduct the perfect swing. Becoming a professional golfer takes more effort than when you arrive on the putt-putt green. Even for those who just want to improve their golf game as a hobby will need to do a bit of research about how to swing.

To create the perfect swing, there’s a certain way to stand, a certain way to grip the club, and so forth. Although there’s much more to golf than hitting the ball as far as possible, you should know how to hit a golf ball farther to improve your hits. 

You never know what a new golf course has in store for you. Some might come with short ranges, but others might come with more challenging and distant holes. The last thing you want to do is come out to the golf course and not be able to make a hole because it’s too far away.

Below is our guide on how to hit those golf balls farther than ever before. Continue reading to learn more. 

Work on Your Flexibility

Many amateur golfers believe that to hit the ball farther, they must apply more force using their arms. Although you do need to use arm force in your swing, you’ll find that you can hit the ball farther with ease when using your shoulders. This is where flexibility comes into play.

It’s essential to work on your flexibility to improve your swing. When you’re ready to hit the ball, your shoulders should rotate with the club. Allowing your shoulders to turn at a 90-degree angle places more power into the swing without as much effort from you.

The more you can turn your shoulders with the swing, the farther the ball will travel. Head to the gym a few days out of the week and work on this flexibility. 

Focus on the Grip

When you grip the club, do you tend to hold a tight squeeze on it? Although it might seem that you need to hold onto it as tightly as possible to get a good swing in, the opposite is true. Release some of that tension and gently grip the club instead. 

Relax, take a deep breath, and then begin to swing. When you hold your hands around the club, be sure to have your left hand turned inwards just a tad. Allow your knuckles to lead the way in the direction you want the ball to go.

If you’re left-handed, then you’ll do this with your right hand instead. 

Let Your Hips Lead the Way

Flexibility is key once again. Letting your hips lead the way is a good way to gain speed. The more speed your ball has, the farther it’ll travel down the course.

With the combination of your shoulders and hips rotating, you’ll provide much more force behind the swing than if you were to stand still and straight. Begin your swing by turning your hips forward. After your hips have done so, you can then begin to lower your arms and swing. 

Having flexibility in your shoulders and your hips allows you to put as much power as you possibly can behind each swing. 

Use Your Weight 

Your weight is another powerful aspect that you have on your side. When you fall into your swing, you’ll need to transfer your weight with it. Imagine putting all your force and body weight into your swing. 

The ball is sure to fly a lot farther than if it was hit with no weight behind it at all. When you pull the club back to prepare for your swing, a little more than half of your weight should rest on your back leg and foot. When you bring the club forward to complete your swing, you should transfer close to 90% of your weight to your front leg and foot.

Make this transfer as you turn your shoulders and your hips. 

Stay Strong and Straight

It’s important to stay strong and keep your leading arm straight throughout the entire swing. Your leading arm is the arm opposite of the hand you write with. Just like with bowling, batting, and other sports, you need to keep it straight. 

You might have a tendency to bend your arm during your swing without even noticing. Be sure to record yourself when you swing. You can then review the footage and see what you need to work on. 

When you keep your arms straight, you create a longer swing, which then leads to a farther shot. 

Track Your Shots

Another way to keep an eye on your shots and swings other than recording them is to track them using a golf shot tracker. When you have a way to track your progress, you can then use the data collected to improve your swings.

A golf shot tracker will track the distance the ball travels, allow you to review rounds on the map, and give you statistics about your shots such as your accuracy. All you need to have this helper in your back pocket is a smartphone or another smart device. 

Learn How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther Right Now

Don’t be embarrassed the next time you hit the turf. Learn how to hit a golf ball farther than ever before by using these tips listed above.

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